I have said it a million times, I’m a beauty junkie. However, I do have a limit and there are some items I just leave to a luxury beauty gift wish list. Now what seems luxury to me, may be everyday for some. But that’s ok. This year there have been some beauty items tugging at my wallet, but I just can’t seem to follow through with the purchase.

**This claims to be age defying, plumps the skin, and provides a glowing complexion amongst other things. 1.0oz priced at $64.00. I’m pretty sure this is an amazing moisturizer, but there are many others that can provide the same benefits or better. But with the pretty packaging it will look good on any vanity. So I’ll just leave it on my wish list.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Moisturizer

For $90 I can get 3 lipsticks in 3 different shades. One sheer, matte, and a balm finish. I know this will make my lips soft and have great color pay off. However, I almost never finish a lipstick because I try so many. So I just can’t pay the price for it. I’m pretty sure they are lovely.

Gucci Rouge A Levres Voile + Balm Holiday Gift Set

Skin perfecting blush and highlighter duo. First of all I don’t even wear makeup everyday. When I do, its just brow gel, mascara, and Carmex. I’ll apply a mattifying primer to keep the oil at bay. So to spend this on a blush or highlighter that won’t get used I’m going to leave it on my wish list.

Tom Ford Illuminate Blush Duo

I’m almost positive that this foundation is amazing. It claims to have long lasting skin benefits that helps overtime. I know for sure I’d be able to find my perfect shade. But, I’ve thrown away many foundations over the years due to me having so many and some not getting used as often.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum Foundation

I am a sucker for anything with pretty packaging or handle. I just want to know will this brush make my powder do something magical? There are some amazing affordable makeup brushes that has stood the test of time.

La Mer Powder Brush

These are just a couple of beauty items that continually caught my eye. But due to my minimal lifestyle, me trying to be financially responsible, and less wasteful I just can’t make the purchase. HOLIDAY 2021: 3 SIMPLE SELF CARE TIPS Now if this was me, 5 years ago, then absolutely I would have to have them all. But I know I can achieve the same look and get the same results with other products.

Please don’t mistake this for me condemning anyone for purchasing these products. This is just me having fun and living in my dream fantasy with my luxury beauty items.

Have a great holiday!!!! Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.

Last Minute Self Care Gift Ideas

This holiday season it is important to remember the reason for the season. We all want to give and don’t want to leave anyone out. We know there are some who are having a more trying time than we are and giving them a gift that will encourage, inspire, motivate, and lift their spirits is always the best. Due to trying times this year think of giving a gift that keeps on giving.

Self Care Gift Ideas

– Framed Family photo or keep sake.
-Memory book or scrapbook.
-Digital album.
-Personalized Calendar.
-Snack basket of their favorite snacks.
-Coffee mug with their favorite tea or coffee.
-Robe or pajama set
-Favorite dish
-Create a Self Care Basket
-An Inspiring Book
-Gift Card to a Spa or Salon
-Subscription Service
-Journal Writing Book

This year think about inspiring someone to take a leap of faith and start their self care journey. We can give a gift of 💝 and stay within our budget. These gift ideas you can get at your local stores and mall, since we’re out of time for delivery by Christmas.


Be you so you can be free.

Things To Do To Lift Your Spirits This Week

Yes, Christmas 🎄 is Friday and not everyone is happy and in a joyful mood. So my goal is to get as many people inspired as possible. Here are a couple things you can do this week to lift your spirits.

First, my favorite thing to do is drive around in the evening and view the amazing lighting and decorations people have done to their homes. Nothing makes you smile more than seeing the creativity that our neighbors have to make their home bright with cheer.

Just seeing all the lights and decorations lifts the heaviness, makes you smile, and feel good. Even something as simple as people decorating their homes to make others feel good is enough to be grateful for.

Next, along with driving around to view lights and decor, watch some holiday movies that makes you laugh. One of my favorite holiday movies is Home Alone. Because of the kind of year we’re having, there has been an endless amount of movies and marathons on television.

Focus on you for a day. Take a long bath or shower. Do your hair. Do your makeup. Get all dolled up and take selfies in your favorite Christmas pajamas. So when you send out that mass text on Christmas morning, you can personalize it.

Expect to have a great week and holiday. Stop thinking about what you didn’t get to do this holiday season, the presents you couldn’t afford, and what you don’t have. “Things” aren’t important. It’s the intangibles that mean more. Be grateful to be alive to see another Christmas and to just be around loved ones.

Clean your home and make room for new energy, new vibes, and new beginnings. Donate some old stuff you haven’t used in a while. Many of us are off work and have kids on break to help. This makes for great family time while getting things done.

Prepare a meal or dish for family or friends to enjoy. That is a gift in itself.
Volunteer or help someone who is less fortunate than you.

Make ornaments and give them away to your most precious loved ones.

There are so many things you can do this week as we approach Christmas Day to boost your spirits and others in the process. Focus on the good, choose happiness, and stay positive.

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 Everyone!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.