”Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time. -John Maxwell

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The one thing that I’ve come to know and understand is consistency. You hear it often when reading self help books, listening to podcast, and every motivational speaker has spoken about being consistent. Well I get it now. And it’s not so much of being consistent in just practicing mental health. But in every day life and in every aspect of life. Something as simple as, being consistent on flossing your teeth every day leads to better oral health. Thus preventing diseases and long term effects on your teeth and gums. We hear it all the time in skin care. Having a consistent regimen is key to healthy, glowing, youthful looking skin. Maintaining good eating habits and exercising regularly are always constant with being consistent. When at work, you have to be consistent to perform and produce. 8 FEEL GOOD SELF CARE ACTIVITIES No matter what component of life it is, remaining consistent in the small habits builds character, stamina, results, health, and wealth. Yes, we all will stumble. But when you get back on both feet and are stable, remain consistent. Just because we stumble or see something is working for someone else, doesn’t mean we should try it or not continue to do what has worked for us. You know what works for you and what you’re good at. Stay consistent in your daily routine lifestyle habits. The fruits of your labor will pay off. Have a great day!!!!!


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