”I stopped telling myself that I’m lost. I’m not. I’m on the road with no destination, I’m just driving with hope that I’ll find a place that I like and I’ll stay there. I’m not lost, I’m on my way.”- Ahunnaya

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You’re not lost, you’ve suppressed who you really are and want to be for the comfort of others. You feel lost because you are trying to do what is “normal” instead of what your heart truly desires. Fear has you feeling lost. Fear of rejection, disappointment, disapproval, and failure. You don’t need to find yourself. Reach down and access the real you. Let the real you come up and shine bright like you were meant to when you were created in your mothers womb. We often get lost because we’re running from what’s deep within. 10 WAYS TO LIVE HAPPIER Are you living for you or for others. As we celebrate the holidays and approach the New Year, make a commitment to access the real you. Live where you want to live. Dress how you want to dress. Wear your hair how you want to wear it. Go after that dream that you’ve been dreaming of for years. Whatever you have buried down to comfort others or yourself, now is the time. It’s been long enough. I can say when I stopped owning labels that was placed on me by my family and lived for me, it’s been totally freeing. When I went after the position I had been thinking of for years, that my family told me wasn’t a good idea, it’s been the best move and decision I made this year. Is it tough in the beginning, absolutely. But betting on you, you will win every time. You won’t let yourself down. Instead of saying I’m lost, tell yourself I’m ready for you to step to the front and be your true self. Have a great day.


Be you so you can be free.


There have been several incidents over the last couple of weeks that had this question on my mind. What does it really mean to be kind? It literally cost nothing to be kind. We see this phrase #Be Kind everywhere we go, but it can be interpreted differently depending on who you talk to and where.

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The waiter at the restaurant serving and making sure everyone have a great meal with their family is only doing her job. It’s not her fault the restaurant is busy and it’s taking a little longer for the food to come out. Being mean, sarcastic, and rude to the waiter isn’t going to make the food come out any quicker. They are doing the best they can making sure the experience is the best.

Enjoy good conversation and uninterrupted quality time.

The young barista making that latte is probably in high school trying to making a little money while being screamed at about how long the lines are. At the coffee shop, orders are made fresh to order, they are specific orders, and have numerous channels of orders coming in. Walk ins, drive thru, curbside pickup, and online order pick ups. It’s not their fault the cafe is short staffed and the line is out the door. They are doing the best they can.

I love me a good coffee. However, I do want my barista to take their time to ensure it’s accurate, hot or cold, and ready to sip.

Yes, it’s Christmas time. We all have so much to do, purchase, and places to be. However, cutting others off, being rude to the cashier, or causing a scene because they are out of stock isn’t going to help the situation.

I literally had an order cancel on me this week after waiting for a week for it to be shipped out. After 3 phone calls they offered me a refund and said it won’t even arrive by Christmas. Thank you for my refund and your time. Absolutely no need to scream. It’s not the customer service fault shipping is having trouble.

Remember when we aren’t having a good day or moment, we want someone to extend us a little grace. Even if it wasn’t the holiday season, being nice takes nothing.

I’ve witnessed some not so nice interactions and it literally cost nothing to be kind. We never know what breaking point that cashier or barista is at. So often many show up to work fighting internal battles and demons. One wrong thing can trigger them and cause them spiral. 9 REMINDERS OF BASIC SELF LOVE TIPS

The more kind we are to others the better we’ll begin to feel. What was angering you, hurting you, or burdening you will begin to feel easier to navigate through. The mind opens up to see situations and circumstances in a different light. The ability to digest, understand, and overcome gets easier. The simplest gesture can go along way. The goal is to make others feel good not feel the same pain we’re feeling.

It takes nothing to be kind. Reset your expectations. Have a little more patience.
That is all I have right now. Have a good night, morning, or day whenever you read this. It was really on my mind all day to say. #BeKind


Be you so you can be free.


As I’ve embarked on my new journey there are some mental health reminders that I keep in the front of my mind. As we grow and go through different seasons of life, there are some gems that is picked up along the way. One of the best pieces of advice that I received years ago and definitely understand now, is you can learn from anyone and any situation. So often we used to think we can only learn from those that are of the church, our parents, teachers, doctors, politicians, and bosses. However, good or bad, right or wrong, or indifferent you can learn from it.

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Here are a couple of mental health reminders:

-Stop carrying bags that aren’t yours to carry. You have enough to worry about. Don’t own other peoples opinions, problems, or circumstances.

-Try to put yourself in others shoes. Don’t be too quick to come to a conclusion. We never know what causes that person to think or act how they do.

-Understand your feelings are valid as well as your experiences. On the other hand, just as yours is valid so is the next persons. No one can tell us what we think or feel is wrong. Nor can we deny another person feelings or thoughts.

-Don’t put yourself in an emotionally uncomfortable position. Going somewhere feeling like you’re going to be walking on eggs shells isn’t the best for your mental and emotional health. So often we say it’s only for dinner or for two hours. However, being emotionally uncomfortable can take a week or more to overcome.

-Take a moment or break. We aren’t robots. Eat the cake, drink the wine, go on vacation, buy the shoes, get dressed up, and sleep in.

-Leave what happened that day, on that day. Don’t carry what happened on Monday into Tuesday. It’s a new day for you to start over, be different, try something different, and start fresh.

-Just because someone looks ok, doesn’t mean they are ok. Just because they say they’re ok, doesn’t mean they are. If you’re not doing well, then say so. You don’t have to go into detail. Acknowledging we’re not doing well is the first step to getting better. 12 THINGS TO GET RID OF FOR A BETTER MENTAL HEALTH

-Be kind to yourself. The more kind you are to yourself the more kind you are to others. Even if you know someone who acts like they don’t need a hug, they do.

-If a situation or someone doesn’t feel right then don’t do it. Don’t ignore it. Energy is real. Don’t wish for something else. Accept what is presented to you and act accordingly.

-Find little things that make you happy or help you mentally and emotionally. It’s the little things that add up and make a huge difference.

Those are a couple of mental health reminders to get you through the end of the year, the holidays, and starting the new year. Focus on you, your peace, and happiness. Be well.


Be you so you can be free.


I had to take my own advice and pause for a moment. These last couple of months has been a season of change. In order to be in the moment, understand my assignement and what I was supposed to get out of it, I had to give myself permission to focus. Not just focus, but prioritize and make sure my feet were planted.

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As I’ve stated in some previous posts, late August I accepted a position that I’d been wanting and working hard for. With that came the transiton of working remotely full time, a 12 week fast track training, and longer hours. Not to mention this began at the very start of the school year.

Trying to juggle the new postion, transition my home and create an office space, and manage school activities I felt like a hamster on a wheel. Along with that, I was still freelancing and selling on Poshmark. Yes, I know, doing wayyyyyy too much.

Although I asked for each gift, position, and blessing I knew I couldn’t put a 100% into all of them. Plus keep my sanity, be a mom, wife, and maintain my home. So I took my own advice and paused for a moment. I needed to reset my mind and expectations. First on the whole idea of working from home full time. My lifestyle was going to change vastly.

I decided to spend Saturday morning 2-3 hours posting and creating new Poshmark listings. That way throughout the week I can manage and maintain my closet. I use my lunch and breaks to drop my sales off at the post office. Next, I accept freelance contracts that doesn’t take too much of my time. Which ironically I’ve enjoyed and been able to deliver great pieces of work.

But I will say that has been the one ironic thing about this entire situation. My self awareness, self care, and mental health has been great and heightened. I knew it was going to be a change and I had to work at it everyday while on this new path and journey.

Working from home allows me to get laundry done throughout the day and even get dinner done by the time the kids get home from school. Therefore, it frees my time up to be with the family when I get off. I still wake up early in the morning before everyone else and tidy if I hadn’t done so the night before. I’m able to have a moment to myself, get dressed, and mentally prepare for the day.

I’ve added 10 minutes of meditation before starting work. Increased my reading time during breaks and before I go to bed. Maintaining my cut off time of 9p.m. No matter what hasn’t been done or said checking out mentally and emotionally has helped me keep my joy and peace. I’ve noticed I have a great nights sleep when I sleep with the oil diffuser going.

Because I am remote, and we have to be on camera quite a bit, my skin care has also heightened. I take my time on my night time skin care routine to ensure I awake with bright, smooth, moisturized, and glowing skin. In the morning I keep my skincare routine to a minimum while focusing on my eyes and moisture. Working remotely also has me playing around with minimal makeup looks to make sure I am still professional and work ready. Lastly, I still get dressed as if I am going into the office. Outside of my comfy fuzzy socks.

Now my schedule is about to change again this week. I’ve learned to get comfortable with change and I really do enjoy my job and all the blessings I’ve been privileged to have. I am very thankful for the self awareness most of all. The ability to be honest with myself and say you need to prioritize, reset expectations I NEED TO RESET MY EXPECTATIONS, and not over extend yourself has been the best self care I can ever do or have for myself.

It’s the end of the year and holiday season. Before you have a blow up, a breakdown, or get sick, take a break or step away. Ask yourself what is more important to you in this season or journey. What shall you let go of. What is worth putting time and effort into. Have I neglected my mental, physical, and emotional health. Be well.


Be you so you can be free.