Month: June 2020

Notes I Would Give To My Younger Self

For the last year or so I’ve really come into an understanding of who I am, where I want to go, and live the life I want. As I become more comfortable on this journey and actually see my vision come to pass, there… Continue Reading “Notes I Would Give To My Younger Self”

Stop Being the Go-To Person With These 5 Tips

Are you the go to person that family and friends call on? Does anyone ever checkup on you? No matter how much you help or money you give it just doesn’t seem like its ever enough. Someone is always asking you to do more.… Continue Reading “Stop Being the Go-To Person With These 5 Tips”


Depression, anxiety, mental exhaustion , social anxiety, being drained, emotionally depleted, and whatever else one may describe being in a state of darkness. Here a 5 self love tips for anxiety and depression. At some point in our lives we’re all going to feel… Continue Reading “5 SELF LOVE TIPS FOR ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION”

Take A Break…Your Mental Health Depends On It

We’ve become addicted to being busy. Telling ourselves its the only way to be successful, productive, and to provide for our families. Before we know it, time spent with family has become nonexistent. We’ve become robots and creatures of habit, we must stop and… Continue Reading “Take A Break…Your Mental Health Depends On It”

Life’s A Journey, Embrace It

Every day you wake up be thankful and make a decision to be happy. Whatever happened yesterday is old news and can’t be changed. Embrace each day as if it’s your last. Even on what seems to be the worst day, there is something… Continue Reading “Life’s A Journey, Embrace It”

Protect Your Peace And Stay Silent

I learned in my early teen years of telling someone what I was going to do, where I was going, or what I had, what I was planning, or what I was thinking. Keeping your next move or goal to yourself allows you to… Continue Reading “Protect Your Peace And Stay Silent”

Children Are Our Future…Embrace Them

Take a walk with the kids, literally and figuratively. We use to hear the ole folks say all the time you have to get them before the streets do. Well in this day and age you have to get them before social media do.… Continue Reading “Children Are Our Future…Embrace Them”


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