Notes I Would Give To My Younger Self

For the last year or so I’ve really come into an understanding of who I am, where I want to go, and live the life I want. As I become more comfortable on this journey and actually see my vision come to pass, there are so many things I wish I had done in my younger years. Below are just a few things I would tell my younger self.

Little Rosalyn

Live In the Moment

In my younger years I always dreamed about my future and what it would look like. When you’re young the only thing you can think about is getting out your mothers house and living the life you want. But I now know literally enjoy each day and what that day has to bring. Yesterday was old news and anything that happened can’t be changed and tomorrow simply isn’t promised. Worrying about what could happen will rob you of the laughter you could have today. Stressing about yesterday keeps you stuck in the past. Most of the time what we’re worrying about is a made up scenario that we’ve created and typically situations always pan out the complete opposite of what we thought.

Always Go with Your Gut

When you’re younger the only goal you have is to make your family proud. That means we make decisions that go against our true desires. While its good to value their opinion and want their support, living the life that’s fulfilling to you would make them more proud to support you. Sacrificing our happiness to please others will fill us with a sense of resentment, anger, and emptiness. That creates another situation because we begin to blame them for “putting” us in that situation.

Whatever Other’s Think About You, Let Them Think It

I’ve come to understand what other’s criticisms of me are has nothing to do with me and is none of my business. With knowing that, it makes it easy to not take it personally. If we focus on what people say about how we should live our lives we would be a ball of mess. The most important thing to remember here is everyone is going to have an opinion. And yes, of course, it’s easier said than done to ignore some harsh criticisms, but remembering they’re projecting their own insecurities will help you brush it off every time. “I walk my journey and take the paths I want, if you want to go a certain path then you can take it on your own journey.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

One of the best pieces advice I carry with me is “never fit in, always stand out.” I firmly believe in expanding my horizons, trying something that is out of the ordinary, or taking risks that aren’t common. I love taking a risk because I learn something new about myself each time. Challenging myself and taking a risk increase my confidence, self esteem, and courage to know even if I fall I know I’m going to get back up. It doesn’t have to be something big. You can start small. If I see everyone is buying the same shoes or everyone is going for a certain color, I purposely choose the one color no one wants. It’s scary to put yourself out there on a limb but remember you already starting off strong by having the courage to stand alone.

Let the Chips Fall How They May

Trying to control everything in every situation does nothing but raise your blood pressure. Its impossible to try to control everything and we really shouldn’t. Some situations are better left to pan out how they are suppose to not how we want them to. Often times we work ourselves into a frenzy when how we thought a situation would go, it completely went in the opposite direction. Most often worked out better than we thought.

Don’t Do Anything If You Don’t Want To

If Ros don’t want to do it, then Ros don’t have to.” My father told me that when I was a teenager and that has stuck with me since. So often we do things and make decisions because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or we are guilted into something. We then resent and harvest anger at a person when all because we didn’t have the courage to say “No”. We can easily eliminate putting ourselves in uncomfortable positions by saying no thank you.

I’m pretty sure there are many more notes I would give to my younger self but these are the points I use daily on my walk.


Be free so you can be free.

Stop Being the Go-To Person With These 5 Tips

Are you the go to person that family and friends call on? Does anyone ever checkup on you? No matter how much you help or money you give it just doesn’t seem like its ever enough. Someone is always asking you to do more. After a while you begin to feel dehydrated, drained, and exhausted. Please remember the following.

First we are responsible for our happiness and no one else’s. If we aren’t healthy mentally and emotionally we can’t be of service to anyone else. Making sure we are whole is the best gift we can give to our family and friends.

Secondly, whatever we have that is extra goes to others who may need. There seems to be a misconception that we have to give up everything to be of service or help. But if you give up everything you have, eventually you won’t have anything to pull from for yourself or anyone else.

Thirdly, lets think about this, if you are the one person that everyone turns to, when you are in a time of lack or in need who can you turn to? Most of the time who’ll have to find a way to pull something out of yourself with no help. So often as the strong one you’ll find yourself alone when you are going through your storm.

The fourth thing to remember is to set boundaries. Having boundaries sets expectations and demands others to respect you, your time, money, and space. So often in families and friendships we fail to set boundaries because its sometimes thought as an obligation instead of an assist to get one back on its feet.

Lastly, how is someone going to get upset with you because you won’t do for them what they can’t do for themselves. Does that make sense? No one should ever make you feel guilty for not helping or assisting them.

I know it’s always better to give than receive, however you must have something to give in order to help someone. It is important to remember not to take someone’s problems and fix them. We can listen and be a support system but allow them to fix their own problem.


Be you so you can be free.


Depression, anxiety, mental exhaustion , social anxiety, being drained, emotionally depleted, and whatever else one may describe being in a state of darkness. Here a 5 self love tips for anxiety and depression. At some point in our lives we’re all going to feel some form of it, some of us more than once. Here are a couple of things you can do now to fight depression and anxiety.

  1. Admit how you are feeling. Say whatever it is. Don’t try to minimize or rationalize the pain, that will only make things worse. The biggest mistake we make is we brush it off, pretend like its not real, it will go away on its own, or we are simply embarrassed and upset at ourselves for falling into a depression . If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to someone about it, write it down. Another thing you can do is speak it to yourself. Take a walk, speak it out loud, give it a voice. Once you’ve honestly vocalized how you feel you’re able to take the next step in healing. Self Care Mental Health Tips
  2. Make small goals or take baby steps. Write a list of things you’ll like to accomplish or correct to get you where you want to be. Then make an action plan on how to tackle each one step by step. This will give you a visual to check your progress and with each step you accomplish the confidence will build back up. So often we want to fix or tackle everything at once. Trying to “fix” everything at once will have you bouncing back and forth and with so many projects started you’ll become overwhelmed. Starting with something small and completing it gives a sense of accomplishment and motivation to push forward.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others in real life or on social media. That will kill any progress you make or stop you from even starting. Take a break from social media. Remember what you see on social media is filtered, a snap shot, and a persona that someone has created. So you comparing yourself to a fictional representation isn’t worth your heart ache. Focus on yourself and the journey you’re walking.
  4. Validate yourself. Yes I know we have many voids in our hearts that need to be filled, but guess what, searching for that void other than God and yourself will leave you empty every time. Please know, feel, and believe the void of a loved one has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them and what they are going through. Don’t take ownership of someone else’s baggage. LOVE YOURSELF MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE
  5. There’s only one you in this world. Own it. You are perfect, unique, and have gifts and talents that no one else has. Discover your gift or what you love to do and nurture it. But don’t be upset when someone doesn’t like what you have to offer. They don’t have to and that’s ok. In the same breath don’t sway with the wind to get someone to like you.

Self love is in the name. It begins with self. Know that you are strong enough to withstand another storm. You’ve been a survivor before and will continue to rise. Give yourself some credit. Remember when things are easy, you’re not growing. These were just 5 self love tips for anxiety and depression. I’m pretty sure there are millions more, but this is a great foundation and start for anyone.

So in the next storm you’re in, put that umbrella up, stay dry and wait for the rainbow to shine when it’s over.


Be you so you can be free.

Take A Break…Your Mental Health Depends On It

We’ve become addicted to being busy. Telling ourselves its the only way to be successful, productive, and to provide for our families. Before we know it, time spent with family has become nonexistent. We’ve become robots and creatures of habit, we must stop and enjoy life.

If you’ve found yourself in a place where you need to stop and enjoy life, feeling lost and need to comeback the first thing to do is create a time dedicated just for you. Use this time to nurture your mind, body, and soul. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. If you want to binge watch a show and eat ice cream, guess what you taking a break and enjoying life.

Next thing you can do is STOP! Yes literally stop. There’s at least once or sometimes twice depending on what’s going, let’s remember I am a mom of 3, I sit on my couch, bed, or at the table and do absolutely nothing. Phone is either so far away from me that I won’t hear it or I’ve turned it off. Television and computer is off. Most of the time the lights are off. I’m literally still, letting my mind clear, wonder, drift, or do nothing. Just be in the moment. Don’t think about the bills, dinner, schedule, work, or anything else you feel has to be done. There isn’t a time frame of how long this stillness last I let it happen naturally.

So much happens on a daily basis that we don’t even realize it because we’re busy keeping the schedule going. Stop and enjoy life, take in the moments, enjoy the funny moment, and create memories.

Finally it’s ok to let the dishes sit until the morning or put that load in the washer. As women we so often put pressure on ourselves to get it all done. Guess what, we always get it done and make it happen. Take a little pressure off yourself, give yourself some credit, and permission to say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” You are still going to be that superwoman that you are.

Remember we aren’t robots. We are here to live and not exist. We’re suppose to enjoy life and live, not live like its a chore.


Be you so you can be free.

Life IS A Journey, Embrace It

Embrace the Journey

Life is a journey and process. I think that is the one detail that is left out of our manual. There isn’t a destination or stop that we reach. We never stop growing, learning, and evolving. As human beings we have many different thoughts, views, and opinions. Some may not make sense to others on how they go together, but in our mind they do.

When we embrace the journey of life, we are following our hearts desire and where the universe takes us. That’s why we see so many people having a certain career for 20 years and then “abruptly “ change careers. I know for myself I have certifications in complete different genres but I enjoyed learning and working every one of them.

Every day you wake up be thankful and make a decision to be happy. Whatever happened yesterday is old news and can’t be changed. Embrace each day as if it’s your last. Even on what seems to be the worst day, there is something that happened within the day that made you smile or feel good. Embrace the journey by tackling fears, obstacles, and set backs. SETBACKS, REJECTIONS, AND STUMBLING BLOCKS ARE NECESSARY FOR GROWTH With each one it make your journey more fulfilling and rewarding in the end.

Embrace the journey and the process because each step is a lesson that sets us up for the next. There are going to be moments on this journey that we can’t control and that’s ok, but we can control how we respond. We must not let it hold us hostage and stop us from continuing on the journey.

Embrace the journey by remembering it’s “yours”. Everyone has there own journey and we can only walk ours. This is not a race. Move at your own speed.


Be you so you can be free.


I learned in my early teen years of telling someone what I was going to do, where I was going, or what I had, what I was planning, or what I was thinking. To move in silence is the best thing to protect your mental and emotional health. Keeping your next move or goal to yourself allows you to maintain power and control over it.

When we share our next move instead of keeping it to ourselves, we allow others to give their opinion, distract us from our goal, steal our joy and motivation. Before you know it we won’t have a next move because someone has talked us out of it.

Keeping our next move to ourselves relieves us of the pressure to get it done faster. If we need to push the deadline back we can. And it eliminates us from having to answer questions about it all the time. How we go about making our dreams and goals come to pass is our business and no one else’s.

No one is going to be as excited as we are about our dream. And its selfish to expect them to. Remember when we show others what they aren’t doing, they aren’t going to respond with grace and be happy for us. Moving in silence isn’t wrong. You aren’t hiding anything or lying to anyone.

To eliminate confusion, negative talk, or unwanted comments never announce your next move before its done. Sometimes its best to keep our process of how we arrived to ourselves. How we overcome obstacles, rejections, and setbacks is for our growth. SELF CONFIDENCE BEGINS WITH THE MIND

Moving in silence is freedom for us to roam around our process. We can bounce back and forth, change plans, and switch things up. Telling others our every move, we would be distracted and get off course.

The next time you begin to tell someone about your next move, ask yourself if they are going to support you genuinely.


Be you so you can be free.

Children Are Our Future…Embrace Them

Take a walk with the kids, literally and figuratively. We use to hear the ole folks say all the time you have to get them before the streets do. Well in this day and age you have to get them before social media do. There is so much these kids have access to that convince, encourage, and persuade them into a direction that’s not in align with your point of view, morals, and values. As parents we often want to reel them back in when its too late.

While they are young its important to walk and talk with them. Just because they are children doesn’t mean their feelings aren’t valid, they don’t have their own views and opinions, or they aren’t effected by everyday life. When you go out on a trail or to the park for a walk, no phones distracting, we are able to communicate and learn what’s going on in their little brains without them feeling like your’re giving them the third degree. They willingly tell you how they honestly feel, what’s on their mind, what they want, what’s happening at school, what they are afraid of, and future desires.

Invest in Children

This allows you to know how to parent and nurture them going forward. They know mom and dad are interested in my their and you’ve validated them. If we don’t know them we won’t know how to parent them and give them what they need to be successful. We learn and grow with our children. Who they were at 5 years old isn’t who they are at 12 years old. Just like who we were in college isn’t who we are at 30.

Walk, learn, and grow with the kids because they are too on your journey as well as on their own.


Be you so you can be free.