I learned in my early teen years of telling someone what I was going to do, where I was going, or what I had, what I was planning, or what I was thinking. To move in silence is the best thing to protect your mental and emotional health. Keeping your next move or goal to yourself allows you to maintain power and control over it.

When we share our next move instead of keeping it to ourselves, we allow others to give their opinion, distract us from our goal, steal our joy and motivation. Before you know it we won’t have a next move because someone has talked us out of it.

Keeping our next move to ourselves relieves us of the pressure to get it done faster. If we need to push the deadline back we can. And it eliminates us from having to answer questions about it all the time. How we go about making our dreams and goals come to pass is our business and no one else’s.

No one is going to be as excited as we are about our dream. And its selfish to expect them to. Remember when we show others what they aren’t doing, they aren’t going to respond with grace and be happy for us. Moving in silence isn’t wrong. You aren’t hiding anything or lying to anyone.

To eliminate confusion, negative talk, or unwanted comments never announce your next move before its done. Sometimes its best to keep our process of how we arrived to ourselves. How we overcome obstacles, rejections, and setbacks is for our growth. SELF CONFIDENCE BEGINS WITH THE MIND

Moving in silence is freedom for us to roam around our process. We can bounce back and forth, change plans, and switch things up. Telling others our every move, we would be distracted and get off course.

The next time you begin to tell someone about your next move, ask yourself if they are going to support you genuinely.


Be you so you can be free.

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One thought on “MOVE IN SILENCE

  1. Well said friend!! I’m sure you are helping many others who are going back and forth with this same situation. You said it best people are not always going to be happy for you so to maintain your sanity and happiness sometimes it is just best to stay silent!!!

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