Self confidence begins with the mind. What you say and think about yourself will determine how well your self confidence is going to show up. To obtain self confidence, it requires patience, persistence, and consistency. Confidence isn’t something that is one and done. It takes daily habits and practices to continually sustain self confidence.

No two persons path is going to look the same to gain self confidence. Our backgrounds and experience shapes our mindset. Why Mindset Is Everything Therefore what we value will be different on the list of priorities.

Self confidence comes from a person taking care of themselves. That is the most obvious. There is a trigger in the mind that goes off when we are able to put our best foot forward. I know every woman understand the thought of, if we are having a bad hair day then the entire day feels like crap.

It pulls our self esteem up when we take time to shower, put on a nice outfit, and feel good about our appearance. When we look good, we feel good. From there we go out and is able to engage confidently, take risks, and use our creativity.

Self confidence begins in the mind and how we process our setbacks. If we call ourselves negative names, and use negative self talk we plummet to depression fast. The most confident person looks at the situation and pull the positive and take it with them. Having confidence you understand that not everything is going to work out perfectly.

Self confidence is willing to take risk and tackle our fears. Not being afraid to challenge yourself. When you have self confidence you know challenges and fears are an opportunity for growth. Those with confidence are always willing to learn and grow. They aren’t afraid to be uncomfortable.

One of my biggest confidence boosters, is having the courage to ask for help. If I don’t know something or have spent enough time trying to figure it out, I will ask for assistance. Self confidence is knowing you will need help. It is impossible to have all the answers.

With that, confidence gives you permission to admit your fears, anxiety, and emotions. We aren’t robots, so we will experience an arrange of emotions at any given time.

Different Is Good

Another one of my biggest confidence boosters is not being afraid to look different, be different, go against the grain, or stand alone. I learned early on that choosing different is the easiest way to challenge yourself and know your own strength.

Even when the most confident people don’t have the support they desire, they still take that leap of faith. They know what they want and how it would make them feel. Along with not having support, self confidence will give you motivation when you don’t have all the answers and there is uncertainty.

Lastly, we need to remember whatever is placed upon heart and mind is ours and ours only. You don’t need permission from anyone to pursue what God has placed in you. The lens that you see through are a prescription for you and anyone who try to see through your lens their vision will be blurred.

You are you and that’s what make you unique.


Be you so you can be free.

Hit The Reset Button To Find Your Happiness

In life we can hit the reset button as often as we need to. Why? One of the reasons we become unhappy and everything seems to be in chaos is because we aren’t living for ourselves. Hitting the reset button and shifting our life to where its most fulfilling to ourselves allows us to be of great service to others.

Another reason we need to hit the reset button is because we’re tired of being the same version of ourselves over and over again. As humans we always are or should be, seeking for ways to constantly be better versions of ourselves.

First identifying what needs to be reset. We can reset our career, relationships, and even location of where we’re living to fulfill ourselves. Do an honest assessment and figure out what you want and need to get you to a better place mentally and emotionally.

Start with the most important. How do you figure out what’s the most important? It’s that thing that has been nagging at you or weighing the heaviest on your mind and heart. You know, that one thing that keeps creeping up no matter how far you try to run from it or bury it.

Set a goal, write down a plan, and begin strategizing on how you’re going to get there. Once you start everything else will snowball into place.

Just because you’re hitting the reset button doesn’t mean you have to forget about everything previously. Remember what worked for you in the past, what made you happy, and most important what didn’t work. Learn from your mistakes and achievements and build off that.

The smallest change will make a huge difference.


Be you so you can be free.

How To Use Creativity To Boost Your Mental Health

Right now the entire world has been turned upside down, twisted inside out, and shaken to its core. Some of us are more dizzy than others and trying to figure how to get back to where we were. Now is the time to get creative at home. Use your imagination and get creative on whatever your mind and heart desires.

Instead of trying to hold on to what was and what used to be take this moment and use your creativity to set you up for your next chapter in life. We all have something that we would like to create and develop. Shift your focus, energy, thoughts, and time to start that new business, that project you’ve been putting off or started and never finished, write that book, grow your family, create new memories with your family, or finish that project you’ve been wanting to do in your home. Instead of looking at this time period in a negative manner, actually this is a blessing in disguise because we have all the time in the world to get creative and dive right in to whatever we had been wanting to do.

When we tap into our creative side, anxiety creeps away, stress is relieved, and we’re able to handle things that comes along .

Of course the unknown of what’s going to happen when this over is scary, unsettling, and stressful. However, shifting our focus and investing this time wisely will ease many of those tensions. The mind and body will be occupied and filled with energy that allows us to create the photo of the future instead of holding on to an old outdated photo.

Whatever it is you desire, take one step each day to attain it.


Be you so you can be free.