We are a couple weeks shy of fall beginning. However, if you look around, the market has already begun transitioning to the new season. We see fall decor in the stores, clothing racks look fuller with the jackets and sweaters, and Halloween candy is out. Along with that, you’ll see the transition in beauty routine products hitting the shelves. As a beauty junkie myself, I look forward to it as well.But there are some beauty tips to keep in mind as you begin to consume and transition to the heavier creams.

photo of women doing their skincare
  1. Everyone gets, has, or will get wrinkles and fine lines. They are normal. We are supposed to age. Yes, you can support and assist aging with creams and serums. But let your wrinkles and fine lines show through. It shows you have some wisdom to offer.
  2. Texture is normal. No one has glass skin. There isn’t a such thing as perfect skin or flawless skin. I don’t care what your age is. There isn’t a product that can get rid of texture. Can a product minimize and help, absolutely. Remember there are filters out there.
  3. Your skin routine doesn’t have to be 10 steps. That’s time and money spent on too many products. Use what works for you. As long as you get results, then it’s perfect for you. Some can get away with a cleanser and moisturizer. Other’s may need to add a target treatment. Either way, it doesn’t take 10 steps. Me personally, I question if those many products are really penetrating the skin and being effective. But who am I.
  4. Expensive doesn’t mean it’s better. That cream that’s $500 better create magic on your skin. You can get a cream for $20 and under that probably would give you better results. Most of the time you are paying for the name and packaging. Don’t go into debt buying expensive products thinking they are going to produce faster and better results.
  5. Keep it simple. Don’t over complicate your routine. Look and feel your skin, see what it needs and go from there. Too many products with active ingredients isn’t good. Gear your routine to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Those are a couple beauty tips to remember as we head into the fall season. 5 NON BEAUTY RELATED SKIN CARE TIPS We are going to be bombarded with new products enticing us. Don’t let the pretty packaging fool you. The over promised expensive product with the celebrity on it, don’t fall for it. When looking to switching your routine, take into account genetics. Yes, our genes play a huge role. Your diet, lifestyle, sleep habits, climate, and stress all play a part in your body. Remember to keep it simple, drink water, eat colorful, sleep, and journal your thoughts to detox your body and skin.


Be you so you can be free.


Yup, it’s September 1, 2023. Where has the time gone? For some September is about pumpkin spice latte’s, apple cider, fall festivals, pumpkin patch visits, and my favorite, decor. However, September is exciting because football is back, a plethora of new fall TV shows, and back to school. Lastly, who doesn’t love fall fashion? Fall can be the best time of year for fashion. You get to wear sweaters, boots, layer, and get creative.

stationery surrounded by dried flowers

While all of that is exciting and great entertainment, September reminds us that the end of the year is quickly approaching. Some stress over Christmas holiday shopping, have they reached their goals, and what are they going to before the clock strikes midnight on December 31. You’ll probably going to see an increase of content on what to do these last couple of months to achieve your goals. How to set yourself up for next year. Or, you should already be thinking about next year. Either way it can be stressful.

Please remember that it’s great content to keep you motivated, on track, and getting your juices flowing for your life. However, consuming the content without filters can cause some to feel like they aren’t doing enough, they have failed at their goals, it’s too late, times running out, or they aren’t working hard enough. When it comes to consuming that information, take the tips and tricks that apply to your lifestyle and create realistic systems and goals to live your life. Leave the rest.

As we say hello September, think about what you need to feel free and light. Just like the leaves fall for the season, what do you need to get rid of that isn’t serving you. If you’ve been stressing over the same thing for months, nothing has changed, let if fall with the leaves. You’ve tried something and it wasn’t what you thought, OH WELL, you tried. Take the good lessons you learned from it, and move on to something else. Get rid of what you need to sleep, rest, and have peace at the end of each day. 7 HEALING JOURNAL PROMPTS FOR A PEACEFUL WEEK

With our hello this month, we’re going to see some new colors bring life to nature. That’s our hint to add some color and life into our daily routine. If you haven’t been one to attend a fall festival find one close to you to visit. Have you been apple picking, to a pumpkin patch (yes we plan to go this year even though my kids are teenagers), or an hayride. The goal here is to find something local, free or close to free, do something that you never done, and explore.

This is a trick I started last year and have enjoyed. This summer we stopped by our local Ford Enthusiast festival that is held every year, but have never went. They had food, live bands, games, and endless Ford cars displayed for one weekend. We had a blast. All it takes is to try.

Say hello to September. Enjoy your lattes, soups, chili’s, and cobblers. Get comfy cozy in your favorite sweaters and live colorful. Your heart, mind, and body will reward you.


Be you so you can be free.