The one thing I do know is being grateful in the present will give you the comfort and peace you need to live with intention. I had to learn acknowledging, accepting, and trusting where I am in the now is the only way to live intentionally in the present. Not doing so will always have one desiring for more, leaving a feeling of never being satisfied. FINDING JOY IN THE LITTLE THINGS

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Have you ever had your eye on that one thing. Then you finally got it. Not too long after, you began thinking about something else, searching for that something else, and planning the time to get it. I’ll say it again, everything you have now is what you prayed or wanted for. Where you are is where you are supposed to be. When you conquer this level you’ll move up. In the meantime be grateful for the simple things and nurture it.

15 Random Simple Joys I’m Grateful For

-Without question, my mental awareness and state of mind
-My conversation with my older cousin the other day
-That bowl of cheddar broccoli soup
-Going to the dentist last week
-New level of growth my husband and I are on
-The activity of my limbs
-Waking up to sun shining through my window
-Being able to fix my kid’s breakfast every morning
-My home feels like home, safe
-Planning my Christmas decorations
-Enjoying breakfast and coffee with my oldest son while watching early football games
-Walking through Barnes and Noble with my husband
-Going for a walk
-Enjoying the new recipe I found on Pinterest
-Clarity and refresh after decluttering and cleaning out closets over the weekend

Those are 15 random things that brought me joy and I am grateful for. So often we think about health, home, car, life, and family. But focusing on the simple joys that may seem meaningless will provide us with more encouragement, confidence, and motivation to live intentionally in the moment.

Before you go to bed write down at least 10 joys.


Be you so you can be free.

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