Yes, her son is laying in an hospital bed awaiting another surgery as he battles through cancer. She’s put him on the prayer list, fast, and took him communion. But our plans aren’t God’s plans. As he takes his rest and falls asleep, she decided to go to the Dollar tree buy applesauce, green beans, pop tarts, noodles, and corn to deliver to the church for their monthly Salvation Army donation.

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Her healing through her pain comes as she watches her third son battle cancer. She lost her husband to cancer. She’s not as stable herself as she go through her golden years. But she said, “I just take my time you know, I’ll get there.” WOW!!!! 5 REASONS VULNERABILITY IS STRENGTH

GO FIND YOU SOME STRENGTH!!!!!! She said I can’t do anything while he sleeps. I might as well go make sure some kids have something to eat and don’t go hungry. I can’t let myself go. Who’s going to be there when the doctor needs to speak with next of kin. I can’t control the cancer, I’m not a doctor, and God still gave me strength to get up.

Sure, getting up, having breakfast, going to the store, talking to other shoppers, getting some sunlight, and getting some exercise is a mental refresh. Continuing to choose to live provides endless amount of strength. Healing through pain is the only way to get through.

If you are going through anything painful, know that it is temporary. You will get to the light. Find a source of strength to grow through your healing. There is a purpose and reason. It’s not just a cliche, but our loved ones doesn’t expect us to stop living because they are ill. They truly would want you to continue living. Live for you. Live for them.


Be you so you can be free.