After having a great conversation about anxiety and things that makes us anxious, I thought it would be a great idea to list some random things that may make us anxious. Not everyone suffers from anxiety, but throughout our daily life we may encounter some events or moments that causes our palms to sweat, heart to race, get that lump in your throat, or simply the jitter bugs.

stressed black girl covering ears

Who gets anxiety before they to the doctor or dentist? I do. Surprisingly its not because I’m afraid of needles, scared to hear results, or fear the doctor. I have to be squeaky clean before I go to the doctor. I will shower and scrub my skin before I go and still have anxiety about being clean enough for the doctor. Before going to the dentist I’ll brush, floss, and gargle but still have anxiety about not being clean enough. Or maybe it’s my inner child trying to be perfect for the doctor and dentist. Because I know I’m clean.

This next one I see all the time. The person that gets anxious at the check out counter. When the transaction is over they just take their change and receipt and shove into their wallet or purse. Many people in the group have expressed their anxiousness about this one. They don’t want to be the one holding up the line. Or taking too much time, trying to make sure they’re gathered before leaving the store. So often organizing and resorting in the car is more comfortable.

Another anxious moment you may have and not realize is when you’re the first one at the light and leading traffic. Are you constantly looking in the rear view mirror to see if anyone is riding you close. Do you feel pressure to speed up so they don’t . I’ve heard many say this is a common moment of anxiety for them. 17 THINGS I DO WHEN I’M FEELING ANXIOUS

Sounds weird, but ordering at a restaurant. Some people just have a hard time making a choice, having a waiter or waitress stand there with a pad and pen, and the rest of the table waiting for them. If you go out in a group, there’s always a person that was calm, laughing, and talking about all the good things on the menu. But when it’s time to order they get flustered, fumble their words, and blurt out something to get the attention off of them.

Those are four everyday life experiences that some of us probably don’t realize we get anxious about. It’s a relief and comforting at the same time to hear some of these stories. Of course, there many other factors that play into someone having anxiety or anxious moments. What is something that gives you anxiety that no one talks about?


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