The weather has drastically shifted and it seems summer has began early. Here are 5 simple and easy healthy tips we all can use this summer.

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    Of course, everyone knows this is my favorite activity. Walking outdoors in the summer time allows you to get some natural vitamin D that we all need to stay healthy. Using the natural sunlight always gives a good natural tan that we look for. Because of the heat and sun, we sweat more than normal, which means toxins are being released from our bodies. It will give you energy, great mental clarity, and an excellent source of emotional healing. Walking is a great self care activity for every area of your life.
    With temperatures high and the humidity making you feel like you’re suffocating, hydration is essential. Making a pitcher of cucumber lemon water is a great way to ensure you have something refreshing at any moment of the day. DIY Cucumber Lemon Water GREAT REFRESHER There are a ton of water infused recipes out there you can try. The more variety you add, the more vitamins and nutrients you are putting in your body naturally. Staying hydrating also includes your hair, skin, and body. Yes, I know it’s hot but keeping lightly moisturized ensures the elements outside doesn’t damage your skin. Opting for water gel moisturizers for your skin is best. They sink into the skin without being heavy or greasy. In shower body moisturizers are my go to for summer months. Finally, a light hair lotion that doesn’t weigh your hair down is a great option to keeping your hair protected.
    The more colors you add to your diet the better. In the summer a great healthy tip is to add as much colors to your meals as possible. Fresh green salads, pasta salads, and fruit salads are a great way to add color. We have an array of content and recipes to pull from to add variety. Incorporate many different varieties of fruit smoothies into your diet. All options allows you to eat fresh, light, and healthy. In return, maintaining a good balance with the walking outdoors.
    Much has changed in the last two years. Therefore, finding new ways to entertain and enjoy family time has to get creative. No matter where you live, how large or small of city you live in, there are a ton of activities each week and weekend over the summer. It’s not so much about the event but about enjoying your time, having great conversation, and communing with others. Just getting out trying events and activities that you wouldn’t necessarily do, breaks you out of your comfort zone. You begin to meet new people. Thus opening and expanding your network.
    It wouldn’t be a great summer tip without using sunscreen. We are going to be out more than normal, so protect yourself by applying sunscreen. There are sunscreens available for hair, skin, and everything in between. We still have an obligation to protect ourselves from the elements. Lotions, sprays, and sunscreen sticks are available to us at affordable prices. Be mindful and protect yourself this summer.

Have a great, happy, and healthy summer!!!!!!!


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