Ironically in the last two days my daughter and I had the same scenario of letting fear keep us in a box. Yesterday I only spoke to my husband about my situation after I worked it out. Then when the same scenario arose with my daughter I was able to give her the same pep talk I gave myself.

light inside chest box

After a meeting this week with my supervisor going over a coaching plan he said this is for you when you become a supervisor. Before I knew it I said, “I don’t want to be a supervisor.” He said it’s a very rewarding position and I can see you being a supervisor. I didn’t say anything and we moved on to the rest of the meeting. At the end when we were wrapping up he said again, this is for you down the road when you’re a supervisor. I froze and awkwardly smiled while gritting my teeth at the same time.

Now, I had been very vocal and outspoken on where I wanted to go and the type of position I wanted. But he’s the third person that has referenced me moving into a supervisor role or position. When I got off I had to think to myself. Am I holding myself back? Have I been putting myself in a box? Am I stunting my growth and potential on what I can become? Then I realized I had to stop saying what I don’t want and truly trust God’s plan for me. I said I want to be in support role. He said you’ll be very supportive in this position for your team.I finally said to myself, I’m going to stop saying what I don’t want and what I’m not going to do. CHANGE IS UNCOMFORTABLE

Fast forward to my daughters parent teacher conference and her writing teacher was explaining to us that they really wanted my daughter to enroll in an honors course, but she opted out. After many conversations and counselors telling her how good she is and the support she’d have, my daughter still opted out. The teacher and I discussed how we understood the fears a student may have in enrolling in an honor course and may not be ready for that leap.

While on the ride home, I had to let my daughter know what I had just said to myself. I explained that sometimes we allow our fear of failure or not succeeding as we have been hinder us and stunt our growth. We have to believe in the talent, gifts, and greatness that is in us. We have so much potential and can do great things but we put ourselves in a box. Step outside our comfort zone, expand our mind and open up to new opportunities, allow our horizon to expand, and be the great person that we are and everyone sees.

Just because it’s not something you visioned yourself doing or wanted doesn’t mean that isn’t for you. Each step on the journey is preparing us for the next.


Be you so you can be free.