”I will never fit in.That’s one of my best qualities.”- Terri Willingham

woman in long sleeve shirt holding a paper

I will always go against the grain. I learned in my early teen years when I was going to an all girl high school, that it is better to stand out than fit in. I will never forget that piece of advice. How you dress, talk, where your hair, what you watch and listen to, and everything in between has to be you. Even your view points on life, social, political, and economic issues. It is ok to have a different viewpoint. It is ok to think differently or want different than the masses. Sometimes we give in to the norm in fear of standing alone or seeming out of bounds. But when you stand alone, you are the strongest, toughest, and most courageous. You had the strength to stand firm in who you are, what you believe, and what’s best for you. Because of that, you will unknowingly inspire others. YOU INSPIRE SOMEONE OUT THERE The best thing I heard all week was this woman in a store having a conversation with her coworker about exercising and trying to look good for her newlywed husband. The coworker told her she should want to workout to keep him. She said “I love the fat on my body. It’s in the right places and I don’t care what no one thinks of me. I love my body.” She said it with so much confidence and made her coworker think. No matter what you’re faced with in life it’s important to always think for you, make decisions for you, and live for you. Everything else will fall into place as they should. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Be you so you can be free.