Most of the time we’re frustrated because we’re seeking answers to problems only we can solve. Every answer or validation we’re looking for is already within us. Our mind, body, and heart has already given us the validation, ok, and go ahead to pursue whatever it is we we’re confused about. If we really think about it, we have the right answer we just don’t have the confidence to take the leap.

brain inscription on cardboard box under flying paper pieces

When we get those butterflies about a certain person, that is our body’s way of letting us know somethings there. If your heart races, you get nervous, and you stumble over your words, then you have all the answers you need to pursue said relationship. On the other hand, if you get tensed, your mood changes, and you’re not yourself when a certain person comes around that is also your body letting you know it’s time to exit.

If we want answers to know if we chose the right position, our body and heart will let us know. No matter how much money you make, it will only sustain the excitement for so long. If it’s truly not what you want to do then eventually your excitement to go to work, perform high, and motivation to learn will diminish over time. The truth is, what’s truly in our heart will always show up no matter how much we suppress it. Our dreams, goals, and desires are ours and no one else’s, it will stay with us for an eternity.

Even when we don’t feel well, our body and mind will let us know. When you have a headache the first thing we have to do is figure out why. Is it a tension heaadache? Are we stressing? When was the last time we ate something good. Do we have a caffeine headache. In other areas, such as our scalp, when I have a sore scalp my stress and tension levels are up. Do you have aches and pains in your belly out of no where. Our bodies are constantly letting us know we need to rest, slow down, practice self care, and take care of our mental.

The next time you have that ache or weird feeling that you can’t describe, don’t ignore it. Or, if you are feeling a little “off”. Don’t ignore it. You know, when something just doesn’t feel right and you’re not quite yourself. Pause for a moment. Take the day off if you can. Do you need to relax? If you’re aren’t physically tired, are you mentally and emotionally exhausted. Do you need to take a break from work? Have you been feeling a little unappreciated lately?

No mater what is going on, your mind and body will let you know where you need to focus. Think of it when you hear a new born baby cry, you have to figure out which cry it is. Hunger, wet, or comfort cry. Listen to your body, you have all the answers already.


Be you so you can be free.