In the last couple of weeks after I do my morning journaling , I do some affirmations. I began doing these affirmations to boost my confidence in my new position and to help me get rid of the anxiety I began to carry about it. After several weeks I learned that it does give me mental reminders throughout the day. 10 DAILY REMINDERS FOR A POSITIVE MINDSET Because when we write things down we have a visual and action that stays in our mind. Depending on how I feel, some new affirmations come to light while there have been some that remain constant. If you’re feeling not so confident or need some mental reminders to boost your confidence and self esteem, take a moment to write some daily affirmations. Here are some of my favorite affirmations that gives me confidence

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Daily Affirmations

-I am a good agent
-I am a good worker
-I am a kind person
-I am a good person
-I am confident in who I am
-I am good enough as I am today
-I am a good mom
-I am in control of my emotions
-I am strong
-I am doing my best
-I am proud of myself
-I believe in myself
-I am beautiful
-I have something to offer
-I am deserving of all dreams, visions, and goals I have

Those are 15 affirmations that I do daily to keep my mental bank in overflow. The key to affirmations is not just writing them, but you have to believe what you’re telling yourself. Along with the beliefs you must rely on them when faced with a situations that gives you anxiety. When I’m faced with a tough task or client, I pause, and repeat at least 3 affirmations before resuming. I am able to take control, do my job, and not let them ruin my day. I remain in control of my emotions.


Be you so you can be free.