”Things have a miraculous way of working out. Trust that.”- Idil Ahmed

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If I don’t know anything else, the one thing I do know is everything works out just fine. What do I mean by just fine? Well it probably won’t work out how you thought, expected, planned, or wanted but it works out how it supposed to. How the universe aligned it to. How God meant for it to work out for you. Also, it not only work out how it supposed to but when it supposed to. Most often it will come at a time we’ve given up, stop trying, or forgot about it because it didn’t happen when we wanted it to. That’s because we don’t know what’s best. When things doesn’t work out how you wanted or when, don’t get discouraged. Be grateful that you were protected from something you had no idea was around the corner. Sometimes the pain, frustration, and delay in our plans comes from us wanting to be in control so much. Trust the process. Trust yourself. Trust that no matter what, it will work out for the better. MENTAL HEALTH REMINDER: TRUST YOURSELF Embrace what you didn’t see coming and let go of what you thought was best. Too often our expectations let us down and prevent us from realizing the gifts we are given. Trust that everything will work out how it supposed to for your benefit. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.