”The silent treatment is a normalized form of emotional abuse. Part of maturing is learning how to communicate, rather than using silence as punishment.” Dr. Nicole Lepera


Just like not forgiving someone, giving someone the silent treatment hurts us worst than the other person. We think we’re hurting them by not talking. But we truly are hurting ourselves more, by not telling them how they made us feel. Thus resulting in repeated behaviors. If they don’t know how they hurt us, then they won’t know how to avoid it or preventing it from happening again. In turn when receiving the silent treatment we hurt ourselves by trying to prove, over compensate, or reverse the silence. When someone gives you the silent treatment and not communicate how you may have hurt them, it has everything to do with their conflict resolution skills. Instead of lashing out, they’ve probably had to cope alone as a child and navigate things on their own. EMOTIONAL HEALING: OPEN YOUR MIND FOR UNDERSTANDING Also the silence can be interpreted as the person or relationship isn’t valued enough to talk it out. Even if you’re so angry that you need to cool off before discussing something, at least inform them of that. Let them know you need to cool before having a sensible conversation. Either way communication skills and conflict resolution is key when having disagreements. Have a great day!!!!!


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