After listening to many motivational videos, the one thing that was repeated consistently was exercising gratitude. No matter who was speaking or what they were speaking on, gratitude really does work and get you out of a funk instantly. This is something I had to work at and exercise in my daily life.

photograph of a person s hand holding a gift box

We get many examples of this in our daily life. There was a point of 2 months span, we had to get both our vehicles fixed. One vehicle we had to get fixed twice in one month. And the other vehicle once. Was it frustrating. ABSOLUTELY!!!! Did we have other plans we wanted to do. YUP. But I had to quickly remind my husband, let’s be grateful and thank God we had the ability and finances to get them fixed. Neither one of us had to miss work and we are still alive and breathing. What was supposed to happen, happened. How we respond is up to us. MENTAL HEALTH REMINDER: YOU CAN LOVE YOURSELF RIGHT NOW

But this thought of gratitude really working came to me when a woman, 92 years young, came to my office to have a thank you card published in the monthly newspaper. She had been in the hospital the previous week and she wanted to thank her family and friends for their well wishes, cards, visits, and prepped meals. However, repeatedly she kept saying how grateful she was to be alive. She really thought her time was up. She said being able to wake up in her home in her bed was the best gift God gave her to do again. All she wanted to do was give her thanks while she’s still here. Lastly, the best part she said , “you know He really didn’t have to save me”.

I froze at my desk. Ros what do you have to complain about? I responded to myself quickly, nothing at all. I have a home with air conditioning. There are people sleeping on the streets in this hot summer heat. I have food to eat. Many families are going to shelters and Salvation Army’s to get meals. I have a job. My husband has a job. We have vehicles to get to work. Our health is good. Our kids smiled today. I had a drink of clean water. Most importantly I have the ability to pass this on.

So if you’re unhappy about your current situation or going through anything, look around, write down 10 things that you are grateful for. Remember every situation is temporary. Learn what you need. That’s how we grow. We are forced out of our comfort zones when we’re stubborn. Each day practice gratitude. In order to increase and reach our full capacity we must be grateful now so we can appreciate more later. Be well!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


I’ve heard a million times, one of the best and easiest ways to pick yourself up is to make a list of things you’re grateful for. We are blessed everyday just to wake up. Even if you’re in good spirits and life has you feeling good, it still is a good idea to list a couple things each day that you’re grateful for. 10 WAYS TO LIVE HAPPIER A daily gratitude journal may be the best if you don’t know where to start. But I thought I’d just make a list of things I’ve been especially grateful for.

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Things I’m Grateful For…

  1. The activity of my limbs
  2. My self awareness and mental clarity
  3. Heat during these cold days
  4. My bed
  5. Food to eat each day
  6. My home
  7. My health (physical, mental, and emotional)
  8. My job
  9. The ability to have this blog
  10. My kids health
  11. Family
  12. I’ve had some amazing conversations with certain clients lately
  13. My friends
  14. My husband
  15. Our marriage
  16. My treadmill
  17. My inspirational journals
  18. My daily cup of coffee
  19. My plants
  20. Love

Those are 20 that I’ve been very grateful for lately. As I continue to grow I notice it’s the small things that makes me happy and keeps me going. Each day you do this some will remain constant and other things will appear on your list. Either way no matter how you’re feeling at some point in the day make a list of a minimum of 3 things you’re grateful for. As you continue to do it you’ll begin to notice you can’t stop thinking of things you’re grateful for. Happy Sunday Funday!!!!


Be you so you can be free.

10 Things I’m Thankful For In 2020

-Waking up to the sun shining in my window
-The fact that I get to say I have a job and get to go to work
-After falling ill, my health is in good condition
-We have been without lack of food and water
-I have family and friends that love me
-I get to enjoy going for a walk, blogging, listening to music, and playing in makeup
-Basic necessities; home, car, insurance, working arms and legs, fingers and toes
-Those veggie fajitas I had for dinner
-Kindness of the stranger who paid for our dinner at Applebees and then McDonalds
-Access to the Internet

This year has been EXTRA. As we approach the holiday season, the best time of the year, it is a constant reminder that we’re still in the year of 2020. How we used to gather and celebrate some of us aren’t able to.

Between working from, to the kids doing virtual learning, and the stress of worrying about my husband whose an essential worker its been trying. But I must say we have been BLESSED beyond measure this year.

As I think back when this all started in February and March, we were scared, confused, and trying to process it. For me I have a 14 year old who’s on the spectum and I couldn’t imagine how I was going to get him through virtual learning along with two other children and working from home. But of course with the GRACE of God we did, and everything worked out just fine.

Just me having the ability to work from home was a blessing. But then at the end of March we experienced a terrible hail storm that totaled both of our vehicles. We were on lockdown for real after that. We couldn’t do anything because at the time appraisers weren’t coming out and body shops were closed. I remember going outside everyday looking at my vehicles sweeping up glass in the driveway.

When it happened my husband and I made the decision we weren’t going to panic, stress, or make any spur of the moment decisions. We literally looked at each other and said “well I guess God said we need to sit at home”. We did and enjoyed every minute of it. If this was even a year ago, I would have panicked and stressed myself out so much. But there were circumstances that were out of my control and I just had to let go.

We’ve all been stressed this year, up and down, and waiting on a moment to just breathe a sigh of relief. But even in the midst, there is so much to be thankful and grateful for. I challenge you to look around and point out the countless things you’re grateful for.

It doesn’t have to be huge. It can be that gallon of milk in the fridge, the fact you got to watch your favorite tv show, or you got to clean the garage.

Use this time to express and share gratitude. Instead of worrying about what it used to be, look at how good it is now.


Be you so you can be free.

In Everything…Give Thanks

GGive love, time, compliments, support, and thanks. No matter what’s going on around you show appreciation and thanks.

RRelease any negative thoughts, ideas, energy, words, or habits that are preventing you from being thankful and kind.

AActivate your inner power. Whatever it is that you want to do, know you have the power and grace to do so.

TThink Positive Thoughts. Positive thoughts produce positive energy, which leads to positive actions, and positive outcomes.

IInitiate a conversation. Engaging with someone feeds our mental and emotional wellness. Challenge yourself and initiate a conversation with someone you don’t know.

TTake actions towards your dreams. Create a plan and begin fulfilling the desires of your heart.

UUnderstand you are where you suppose to be. If you don’t like the situation begin to understand the lesson you need to learn before moving on.

DDedicate time to yourself. Get to know you.

EExpect nothing but goodness and greatness. Even when it gets tough know there is something greater waiting for you.


Be you so you can be free.