I heard someone make a comment about what they wanted people to say about them when they leave this earth. That got me thinking about what I have to offer. In order to have an idea of what you want people to say or the legacy you want to leave you have to know what you offer.

After some reflecting I knew exactly what I had to offer. I want to bring someone a sense of peace and calm in their life. Protect Your Peace And Energy Without judgment and criticism, I want people to walk away feeling like they were validated. It’s not my job to point fingers or tell people how they should live. What I can offer is a ear to listen. My heart for compassion. Sympathy and empathy. And then, hopefully, from there they would have the ability to have clarity and understanding.

Most of the time, people know what they are doing, right or wrong. They know how to correct it. Offering someone my time and allowing them to sort through their detour is what I desire. At some point, we all are going to end up on a detour. Sometimes we just need someone to support us through until we get back on the right path.

With that you’ll need patience. Understanding of yourself and where you are mentally and emotionally. Also knowing your boundaries. In turn, your reward, is also growth and healing. When we love and support someone else in a troubled time, we grow emotionally and sometimes have lightbulb moments ourselves. That’s why it’s always good to use the two ears to listen and leave the one mouth close.

At the end of the day, I want to offer peace, calm, and comfort. Settling someone’s mind and heart will give them endless strength to make the decisions needed going forward. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure they have received a fair share of judgment, it doesn’t need to come from me. What is it you have to offer?


Be you so you can be free.

RANDOM Thoughts of encouragement

While making my coffee I had a few random thoughts of encouragement I wanted to share…There is more life for you to live. Things will get better. It won’t stay dark forever. Be patient until the light comes through for you. Be grateful that you are able to anticipate light and happiness again. Get your strength back while you wait. Figure out what role you played in dimming your light. Part of self care and growth is analyzing ones own behavior in the situation.

Believe in your abilities for yourself. Trust yourself to know you can do it. Forgive yourself. Everything starts with the mind. I didn’t understand this concept until I intentionally began to feed my mind with positivity. The moment you hear yourself saying something negative change that into something positive. Why Mindset Is Everything Stop yourself in mid sentence or mid thought and redirect the course. Whatever we tell our mind is the direction we will take.

I can honestly tell you the moment I decided not to complain and make excuses my mental thought process changed. Even if someone isn’t being the most kind. I do understand it has nothing to do with me. Please understand that was a work in progress for me. And it still is an ongoing process. The key is to consistently work at it. Just because you have a good mindset today doesn’t mean something won’t happen tomorrow that will get you off track.

Now don’t get me wrong I have had a bad day. I will have another bad day. But I know to leave it at that day and don’t carry it over into the next. You will have a bad day. Things will get off course. But the goal is to get your mindset and daily habits to a point where you know exactly how to get back on track. How To Boost Your Confidence With Daily Self Care You know from experience what works for you and how you need to get yourself together.

In the meantime, take care of yourself. Do what you have to do to make sure you’re not on edge. Give yourself time to rest. Furthermore, take the day off and do nothing. It’s ok to feel off, you not your normal self, and you really can’t put it into words. Let the spirit move in and through you. You will eventually figure it out. If you have so much going on in your head, talk it out to yourself or write them down. Your random thoughts will encourage and motivate you.

Well that is all for my random Friday thoughts of motivation and encouragement . I hope you enjoy your day, weekend, or week. Be well and be safe.


Be you so you can be free.