Do you know who you are? I was in Walmart picking up what supposed to be one item. Well walking through the aisle I stumbled upon the mugs. I found this mug that caught my eye and I had to pick it up. It was a black mug with one word on it “Introvert”. FACTS ABOUT INTROVERTS YOU SHOULD KNOW Boy that made me smile and without hesitation, I told my husband I have to get it. Before I knew, the words, “this is so me and I love it”, came out my mouth.

I Am An Introvert

Walking to the register I thought to myself, what is so me? Well, I smiled on the inside because there was a comfort in me knowing who I am and what makes me, me. Yes, I am an introvert, I’ve told y’all before. I love everything about me being an introvert. I embrace who I am.

Also I loved the mug, because I am a mug collector. A good colorful inspirational mug makes me happy. It’s even better when I’m drinking my coffee or tea to have a reminder literally at my fingertips. It’s the little things that makes your personality shine and pop.

What is or are the little things that makes you smile? Do you know what makes you happy? Can you answer the question, what makes you happy? How does your personality shine through on a daily? On one hand, it doesn’t have to be big. So often we get stumped on a question like this because we think the person is looking for some grand answers.

The million little things that makes you stand out is what makes you so special and unique. Embrace every little thing no matter how quirky, colorful, small, or big it may be.

We are human beings with many emotions, which means we’re going to have some big and small things that makes us happy and who we are. Do you know who you are?


Be you so you can be free.


It can be overwhelming when it comes to setting and maintaining goals. Part of self care is setting personal goals. If we set them too high then its easily discouraging when we hit a bump in the road. For me what I’ve learned and what works for me is to set small goals.That will set me up and motivate me to continue on to my larger goal.

Because I have so many ideas and so much I want to do I figured its best for me to begin setting small goals for myself to keep me on track and organized. What Self Care Is NOT

I’ve been slacking on my water intake and my body, skin, and energy has been telling me to get back to drinking more water. To do so I’ve made sure to have a bottle of water beside the bed so in the morning before I do anything. Also on the drive to dropping off my children and picking them up in the afternoon I make sure I have a bottle of water. Side note: having a bottle of water in the car on the ride to and from school eliminates me wanting to stop at Starbucks.

My next goal for the week was to finish the paper work needed to start a project that I’ve been wanting to do. I’ve researched for the last several months and now its time for me to take the next steps and do the legwork. This goal seems simple yet its going to keep me line and make sure I not get side tracked and jump all over the place, because lets face it that can happen.

Working out is an essential part of my self care. I must workout at least 4-5 days a week. At this point my workout is mostly for my mental sometimes. The ability to clear my head and refocus is the best therapy for me sometimes. Now when I say schedule, no I don’t write it down, but its me staying in my routine. Typically for me I workout maybe three days straight then take a day off and then go another two days. I do a mix of aerobics, strength training, and of course walking.

The last and most important is an ongoing goal, personally, staying positive no matter what. My everyday corporate job can be mentally draining and stressful sometimes, I have three children in elementary, middle, and high school, and helping my mother is quite a feast I have to eat weekly. However, I wouldn’t change a thing. Staying positive, motivated, staying in the moment, releasing my tension when I have to, and not losing myself is my goal.

I love taking care of my family and being able to have my sense of self. It’s something I believe I can handle and have at the same time.

Setting and maintaining goals is something personal to you. Figure out what your ultimate goal is. Write it down. Set small goals to get you to where you want to go. This give a visual and won’t overwhelm you. Some of us can’t set a big goal and stick to it. We get side tracked, and discouraged.

Finally, its ok to not have a big goal like starting a business or writing a book. It can be as simple as drinking more water. Whatever it is that will get you to where you want to be set the goal.


Be you so you can be free.