You can handle it. Whatever that “it” is, God said you can handle it. He is trusting you to handle that obstacle. God specifically chose you to overcome whatever hurdle you feel like you are facing. You can handle it, because God said so. You know what else? In actuality, you can handle it because you have been given everything you need to conquer.

Sometimes we need to change our perspective on our situations. Instead of saying why me? Ask yourself, why not me? Think of yourself as being the chosen one. You were chosen because there wasn’t anyone else God could trust to be an example, deliver his message, and show others what He can do.

I know its challenging. You feel like you don’t have what it takes. There is a great sense of loneliness. But tap into your Faith, and know you can get through. You can handle it. Allow yourself to let go and be vulnerable. Your greatest strength is going to come in your vulnerability. However, is it going to be scary, absolutely. But God isn’t going to allow you to fall. You’re going to rise and shine like never before.

Give yourself permission to let go and be free. The bravery and strength is in letting go. Once you let go, you are going to be able to conquer with the strength God is given you.

Believe and know you are everything that you hope and aspire to be. Just access it. We have been given the Grace. Forgive yourself . Set yourself free.

Happy Sunday everyone. Be encouraged and inspired. I just wanted to motivate and encourage anyone out there who hasn’t been feeling 100%. Have a great week ahead and be the best you, you can be. Because being you is more than enough. You are enough!!!


Be you so you can be free.


The little things makes me happy. There are 5 things I’ve been loving right now that has been getting me through the days. A good way to center yourself is to focus on what you have and those things that make you feel good. Here are 5 things I’m loving right now.

  1. Alaffia Everyday Face Toner. Facial mist is one of my favorite skin care products. This particular toner gives my skin moisture, closes my pores, and keeps my skin soft. The scent of the coconut isn’t over powering. After cleansing I spray on my face and let it dry before continuing with my skin care routine. This toner claims to balance and hydrate, while protecting, toning, and firming the skin. I will definitely keep repurchasing this toner.
  2. Leopard Print. Anything leopard print I have been loving lately. Right now I’m loving my Dear Foam slippers. In my head, leopard print is a basic or neutral that has become my go to accent or accessory. I already keep a minimal palette of gray, black, and white. So without conscious I’ve been using leopard print to give me some sass.
  3. My Aloe Plant. One of my goals this year was to fix my green thumb. I must say I’m super excited and proud of myself because my aloe plant has been doing well. It’s growing and adding the touch I wanted to the house. I’ve began to branch out and trying to nurture some peace lily plants as well. It proves with practice, patience, and persistence you can achieve anything.🪴
  4. Pajama Sets. For a couple months now I have enjoyed lounging in two piece sets. Even though they say they are pajamas, I’ve enjoyed them after work and on the weekends. I feel good in them. I’m comfortable and if someone makes a surprise visit I’m presentable to entertain. Sometimes people don’t even think they are pajamas. My, how the tables have turned. I used to think this was for people of a certain age, but I’m loving them right now.
  5. Simple Water Boost Skin Quench, Sleeping Cream. If you want an inexpensive dupe to any water gel moisturizer this is the one. First of all, it’s only $5 on Amazon. This moisturizer is perfect for your summer months. It’s light but sinks into the skin moisturizing it all through the night. Waking up, your skin is soft, smooth, and supple. It gives you the plumpness and bounce back you are looking for.

What are you loving right? Big or small, there is something that makes you smile, makes you feel good, and gives you a boost of sass. These are just 5 things I’m loving right now, I’m pretty sure there are more. There is plenty to be grateful for. Focus on the things that uniquely makes you, You. Have a great day!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


Throughout sometime in our life, we’re going to have to be ok with not having all the answers. So often we put our dreams on hold because we are waiting on “XYZ” to happen. Well, what usually end up happening is, “XYZ” never happens. Then excuse after excuse is used or we just give up hope all together. In many aspects of life, it’s ok to not have some answers and just go for it.

One can think they have all the answers, and then a wrench is thrown in. Life experience tells us, it’s impossible to have all the answers. Sometimes the best decisions are made with just winging it on a prayer. Of course, we want to have the answers to every what if. But that means we will know the outcome. That’s just not realistic or ideal.

The journey and experience of going through the process will make you mentally and emotionally stronger. You’ll get to see the strength you thought you didn’t have. Through each obstacle, patience and courage will show you what you really are made of.

If there is anything you’ve been dying to do or have been on your mind for a while, just go for it. Start with what you have and let the process play out. Everything doesn’t have to be in place for you to make your move. There is true enjoyment in learning as you go. Going though the steps and process of figuring things out will give you the motivation needed to see things through.

It’s ok to not have answers and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about that. It’s impossible to figure out all the unknowns. Hence, they are the unknowns for a reason. If you continue to wait to have all the answers then you’ll never live the life you want.

We will never have everything we need or all the answers we need to make certain decisions and moves in life. The longer we wait the more time we are on the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s. If you are wanting to go back to school, change careers, move to another state, start a business, or anything else just go for it.

Take a leap of faith and believe in yourself. Know that you have what it takes to fulfill whatever your heart desire. Go for it!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


After a year and some months now, I now have the urge again to wear makeup. The beauty in life is that you can change your mind. You can change your mind and go back and forth as often as you’d like or need to. Probably almost two years ago, I wanted to challenge myself and live my life makeup free. I was having feelings of not wanting to depend on going out without a “mask”.

Everyone knows I was and still is a beauty junkie at heart. I still love all things makeup, skin, nails, and hair. But, I wanted to give my skin a break and just love me in my own skin. I’ve done that now for a little over a year and ready to go out again in makeup.

Throughout the last year, I’ve really enjoyed showing up to world bare faced. In fact, I can say I was more confident in going out naked. I was able to relax and just enjoy giving the world me, authentically. At first, I thought I was going to feel self conscious and was worried about going to the office and not “looking” professional.

That was something I quickly got over. I told myself that me wearing makeup has nothing to do with my job performance. Makeup had nothing to do with how I approach my day. I was still able to go into work and show out.

But you know what, you can change your mind. I now want to get back into putting a little extra time into myself. Because I can. That is one of the reasons I was drawn to makeup and skincare. While experimenting, I’m in my own world showing myself some love. And that’s what it’s all about. Doing something you love and spending time with yourself at the same time.

With that being said, you can change your mind. No matter what decision you made prior. You have the right to say I want to try again. You are under no obligation to stick to a decision. Give yourself room and permission to try again and again and again.

When others attempt to question your decisions, choices, and desires don’t get upset. Simply let them know you’ve changed your mind because you can and its your right. Remember never let others opinions about your life and the choices you make feel any type of way. What you do have nothing to do with others. Now go live your life and change your mind back if you want to.


Be you so you can be free.


To all my single moms out there, you guys rock !!!!! However, single mom self care is vital to your well being. Yes, you can practice self care if you are a single mom. Furthermore, you deserve a moment, you are doing an amazing job, and single mom self care is possible, here are some easy and effective tips for you.

In No Particular Order…

  1. You already possess the time ⏰ needed to practice self care. Get rid of the idea that you don’t have time because you don’t have a partner. You just have to allocate your time differently. Believe and know you have what you need.
  2. Scheduling 📝 and using a calendar 📅 will make your life easier to manage. Use a calendar to keep up with activities 🤾🏽‍♂️, appointments, and other obligations. Be sure to adjust the time if the appointment changes. Schedule everything. Your hair 💇🏾‍♀️appointment. Nail 💅🏾 appointment. Spa appointment. Even schedule exercise.
  3. Piggy backing off of single mom self care tip # 2, exercise 🧘🏾‍♀️is a must for you. It’s more for your mental and emotional health than anything. Use this time to get creative and do different classes 🤽🏾‍♀️. There are many resources online to take advantage of and do with friends. That way you are exercising, having some time with friends, and getting a break from the kids at the same time.
  4. This probably should have been first, but wake 🛌 up before the kids 👩‍👧‍👦. Use the hour or two before they wake up to just sit and be. Shower and get ready for work in peace. Have a cup of coffee. Check emails in peace. Meditate. Read. Pray.
  5. Make plans to go out. Have a set time, rather it’s once a month 📅or weekly. Whatever you need to fulfill your need to socialize with adults, do so.
  6. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, get creative. Find a hobby🎨 or something that sparks your interest. Keep your mind going and have something substantial to occupy your time.
  7. Volunteer. Be of service👩🏾‍💻 to something or someone. While you’re lending a helping hand to someone else your spirit is being filled. On the plus side, you get to meet amazing new people.
  8. Have a date with the 👩‍👧‍👧kids. Get them out the house and do something fun. Learn their interest and what’s on their mind as they are growing. A different scenery🏖 for the family will open everyone up.
  9. Meal prep. Make your life easy with planning 🥗meals. This avoid eating out as well as keeping the family on a healthy lifestyle.
  10. Rest, relax, and 🛋take a day off. Give yourself some credit and plan a day off to do nothing. Do so while they are at school. You can binge watch all day in peace in quiet. How To Boost Your Confidence With Daily Self Care

Bonus Tip: Kiss the kids every night.

These are just a few quick and easy self care tips any single mom can do. It doesn’t matter what your budget is or where you live. Know that you worthy and deserving. You are an amazing parent. Most importantly your kids will benefit from you practicing self care. So go ahead do what you need to do to make yourself feel good.


Be you so you can be free.


My product spotlight for the week is almond oil. Yes, I’m still a beauty junkie and continue to experiment with products. Product spotlight, almond oil has been giving me everything for the last couple of weeks.

Around February, I was experiencing unusual dry skin. My skin is already on the dry side but for some reason it was a little more dry than normal. Whenever I have a hiccup in my skin, I know its time for me to rotate some products or try another technique. Self Care Beauty Routine

Of course, I’m aware of the elements in the air can have an effect on your skin. The changing of seasons can also cause skin not to react to its normal routine. Your diet, stress, and everyday life can cause the skin to react.

My initial thoughts were to try oil cleansing. I wanted to see if I could get my skin back on track the ole fashion way. My usual go to is a cold cream and I didn’t want to use any (Ponds Cold Cream is my fave) or any other balm to put moisture back into my skin. I used to love coconut oil but as many esthetician’s have told me that is the worst oil to put on your face.

After much research and just having a knack to try something new, I thought about almond oil. I knew it to be a light weight oil with many benefits. The thought of seasons changes was a great consideration. I didn’t want anything to heavy or greasy feeling. I wanted something that could sink in. Also I knew I was going to use it for more than one beauty purpose.

Beauty Benefits of Almond Oil

-Prevents water loss from skin
-Great for sensitive skin
-Rich in vitamin E
-Helps protect skin from sun damage
-Reduces redness and itching
-Improves skin complexion
-Natural moisturizer for skin and hair
-Effective makeup remover
-Tame Frizz and relieves dry scalp

How I Use Almond Oil

First, I use it as the first step in my cleansing routine, at night. The smallest amount goes along way. Almond oil is light enough to blend effortlessly. It sinks into the skin without clogging pores. When rinsed away with warm water and a microfiber towel, your skin is left feeling soft, smooth to touch, glowing, and clean. Within a week my skin was back to normal but with a healthy inner glow.

Next, I add a couple of drops to my night moisturizer. I love the way it made my skin feel after oil cleansing. So I thought why not add a couple drops to my moisturizer and help the dryness. In the morning I noticed my skin was still moisturized and glowing.

However, in my morning routine I don’t oil cleanse with almond oil. But after I do wash and pat my face dry, I add a drop to my moisturizer, with SPF of course. For a couple of weeks now my skin has stayed moisturized without feeling greasy or even getting oily throughout the day. I’ve been going without makeup as well. That is how much I’ve really been enjoying the glow this almond oil has been giving.

Another way I use almond oil is for my hair care. This oil is perfect for split ends. I use it on my scalp and it doesn’t weigh my hair down. I add it to my shampoo to give my hair natural moisture and shine. Also I apply it to my conditioner and my hair mask. Mixing it with my hair mask gives me the hot oil treatment moisture and shine.

Lastly I’ve used it as a eye cream/moisturizer. Just a dab on the finger and rub it around the entire eye area brightens and lifts your entire face. I was able to see (You know when you use oil on your face sometimes it gets on you eyelids and then you can’t see.) and my face wasn’t greasy. The oil didn’t rub off on any of my pillows, blankets or sheets.

My final recap of my product spotlight almond oil is its a must try if you haven’t. I purchased my bottle off Amazon( )and the 16oz bottle last forever. The multipurpose beauty benefits you receive are instant and amazing. This oil is perfect for the warmer months and effective enough for cold weather months.

Oils are a natural way to add variety to your beauty routine without the harsh chemicals. If you haven’t already I encourage you to give almond oil a try.


Be you so you can be free.


It’s only Wednesday and I’ve had my fair share of the emotional roll coaster. My everyday corporate job has sent me for a ride each day already, and there are some friendly reminders I tell myself when I’m emotionally spent. I thought I’d share some of my friendly reminders just in case you need to pull them out one day to use.

But first, let me give you a quick background. The owner of my establishment is known in the community very well, as well as the family, they’ve been pillars in the community for several generations now. However, the business is important but keeping a good image tends to take precedence due to said individual holding local political office.

Now that we have that out the way. Several times I have been placed in compromising positions to either do what is right or basically bend the rules to ensure said person stays in good standing with certain community members. It’s an ever changing goal post. Also the rules, parameters, and guidelines seem to shift depending on the “who”.

With that being said, there are others in the office that is willing to jeopardize and risk losing their credentials because it’s the boss. Which, of course puts me in a very uncomfortable and compromising position. Because of that, I learned early on to keep it strictly professional. I set my boundaries and don’t bend for an inch.

This is where my friendly reminders that I tell myself when in emotional despair come into play. First I remind myself that I am an asset and have something to offer. Due to my position, I continue to work hard and exceed expectations. I know I am a great and hard worker. I know I’m good at my job and is essential to the business running.

Disclaimer: It took me a while to say the above without feeling like I was tooting my horn. There isn’t anything wrong with you knowing your worth or value. After all, I worked hard to get where I am and I value the work I do. You can say it with confidence and humility.

My next friendly reminder, is to know my license and credentials I studied and worked hard for is mine. I consistently take continueing education courses to ensure I’m as qualified as possible. I will not and can not let anyone take that away from me. People have put their trust in me, and that is something I must honor.

Thirdly, my friendly reminder I tell myself when in emotional despair is their political ambitions has nothing to do with me and isn’t my business. What someone else’s goals and desires are, is for them. It’s not even for me to understand. With that, I can encourage and support you going after your dreams without compromising myself.

After telling myself what they do isn’t my business, I knew I had to make my boundaries clear. Having a conversation and making it clear that I have no desire to integrate myself in personal affairs was essential. Also making it clear that my license and credentials are important to me. Reminding one that I was brought on to do certain duties, fulfill a role, and be professional.It’s my duty to ensure the integrity of it and that is what I intend to do, always.

Finally, I stick to my duties and not venture off. I’ve learned in certain situations when you begin to venture off and do things out of kindness or because you want to be a team player, it isn’t appreciated as such. Soon others begin to think you’re obligated or they begin to take advantage.

These are some very simple, but yet needed friendly reminders I tell myself that we all can use some time or another. What I know is, even in a professional setting it is important to create boundaries. Also, as we do in our private lives, ensuring we take care of our mental and emotional wellbeing in the office. This is an essential so we don’t bring it home to our families. What happens at work should stay at work. Lastly, don’t second guess yourself or settle because you feel like you have to take whatever is thrown at you. Yes, that is your job and that’s how you take care of your family, but you can respectfully stand up for yourself.

Welp, thats all for my midweek ramble. I’m feeling lighter and better. If you have any friendly reminders or suggestions please feel free to let me know. Have a great rest of your week!!!!!

Until next time…..


Be you so you can be free.


There are many people right now who want to get up but just don’t know how to snap out of it. However, there are many tips on how to boost your mood instantly. These mood boosting tips can be done by anyone and any where. All you need is your willingness and able body to do so.

Tip #1-Be Grateful For Another Day

The first thing I do before my two feet’s hit the floor is Thank God for another day. That instant gratification removes any negative thoughts of not wanting to go to the office. Or whatever you may have going on that day. My grandma used to say some people went to sleep last night and didn’t wake up. You were on the “wake up list” as Tabitha Brown would say. So just being thankful to open those eyes again is something to be happy for.

After saying thank you, that sends a message to the people in your head to click the positive button. From there, tell yourself aloud, “today is going to be a great day”. I know this to work and be true because those are the two lines I say to myself every morning. Expecting to have a great day sets your mood for the day. You have made a conscious decision to be positive and have a great day.

Hallelujah, Thank You Jesus. Today is going to be a great day!!!!

Tip #2-Open the Curtains

How you can boost your mood instantly is seeing the sun shine through your windows. Open those curtains or blinds and let the natural light shine upon you. That instantly boost your mood. Seeing the sun shine makes you feel happy and want to go out to enjoy the day. It brings a natural smile to your face and makes you stick your shoulders back.

Bonus Tip: Open some windows for some fresh air. There isn’t anything like the fresh smell of nature. Opening windows allows fresh air to flow through the entire house to awaken your spirits.

Tip#3-Freshen Yourself Up

After thanking God, and letting some sun light shine through, go freshen yourself up. Now if you have to go to work of course you’re going to get ready. But even on the weekend, if you work from home, or if you are still looking for employment spend a few minutes investing in you. For example, brushing teeth, gargling, washing face, showering, putting on a little perfume, and some lounge clothes will lift your mood instantly. I know those things seems like a no brainer , but there are some who can’t even get themselves up just to do the basics. As my father used to say “look like you care about yourself.” SPRING SELF CARE TIPS YOU CAN DO NOW

Tip#4-Clean the House

How to instantly boost your mood, clean the house and get rid of clutter. This is my all time go to. I use cleaning as a 3 in 1 deal. It’s my way of getting out of a funk, exercise, and mental therapy. When I’m feeling a little out of sorts, I go on a cleaning spree. The act of dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and doing laundry gives me energy. I receive a boost of “I’m back.” Things are back in order which mentally puts me back in order. The house is fresh so now my mood is fresh and I’m ready tackle on the rest of the day and days.

Bonus Tip: Listening to music is an instant mood booster. On the other hand, cleaning is a great time to get in a motivation podcast or listen to something inspiring if music isn’t your thing. While cleaning or doing laundry listening to music is the best way you can escape and let go.

Tip#5-Watch Something Funny

We are surrounded with negativity. So when you sit down to watch a program, choose something that will make you laugh until you pee your pants. Laughter really is the best medicine. After watching something funny, you will have forgotten about what you were sad about. Once again, a comedic show allows you the escape to think about something else.

These tips on how to boost your mood instantly is great for anyone. It’s not just for those who aren’t doing well mentally and emotionally. These are things that I do everyday. Even on the days I don’t go into the office. These are just a few. Of course, there are many more. But the key here is to take all the tips and use them where you see fit. You can switch things up so you don’t get tired of the same ole routine.

Last Tip: You have what it takes to snap out it. Just believe in yourself and you can do it. Know that you are enough, you belong on this earth, and you have something to offer to the world.


Be you so you can be free.