Monday morning check in

It’s the top of the week and it’s time to check ourselves. Monday morning check in is when you set into motion your goals for the week. On Monday morning, its good to give yourself a road map of what you want to accomplish this week.

Starting off with your mental health goals. Is there anything stressing you? Have you been constantly replaying a situation or scenario that has taken place? Are there any relationships that are fragile that has your anxiety up? Think about your mental status and be honest with yourself. Make a decision to tackle one thing head on this week. We can’t tackle every obstacle at once. But with every step and stride we will conquer and over come.

That goes for your professional life as well. Many times we are stressed about work and it carry over into our personal life. What is it that you want to leave behind that happened at work last week? How do you want to approach your work week? It’s always good to leave last week in the past. Make a decision that you aren’t going to let your coworkers trigger you. What is on your calendar that has you stressed at work. How can you conquer that?

We just had a holiday, Mother’s Day. So we ate pretty good and probably had some drinks as well. Which is what you’re supposed to do, have a good time and enjoy yourself. Now its time to get back to the grind. It’s Monday, now lets get that work out in. Have you been keeping up with your fitness goals or do as much physical activity as you can? Set some exercise goals this week. Get back at it. We all know how important exercise and physical activity is for our mental and emotional health. Take a stroll to clear your head and refocus.

Next, your spiritual health. This Monday morning make it a point to center and ground yourself. Fill yourself up for the week with positive messages, reading, inspirations, and happiness. The more we ground ourselves and deepen our Faith the more we are able to push through a speed bump. God didn’t say we wouldn’t have difficulties, but he has given us the strength to move through. Remember we must move through to get the lesson and wisdom. If we attempt to avoid or move around we will miss the lesson and the blessing. SELF CARE: WHAT’S YOUR MOTIVATION

Lastly our emotional health. Positive thoughts, energy, and affirmations are a requirement to keep us sane. The love we show ourselves must be so heavy that no one can get to our flesh. Get in the habit of creating yourself a safe space. We have to constantly check our surroundings and who we share the same space with. Making sure we have good people with good intentions are essential to your emotional wellbeing.

It’s Monday morning check in. How are you feeling about the week ahead? What are your plans for the week? Time is flying by and we must make sure we are in tune and check ourselves regularly. This is going to be a great week. No one is going to push my buttons or get me out of character. They will not have that power over me. I’m going to go in with a positive attitude even when the circumstances aren’t positive. I will seek the positive in every situation. However, there is a lesson to be learned no matter what the out come may be. If things doesn’t work out how I want them to or envision, I know to keep pressing forward.

Talk yourself up. Give yourself a pep talk every morning. Until it becomes habit. Eventually you’ll get to a comfortable place in your being.

Happy Monday everyone and have a great week!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.