There isn’t much we can control in our life. But there are 3 things we can control that will benefit our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Believe in You


The one thing I’ve mastered really well is not responding how someone wants or expect you to. In order to maintain control of your emotions, you have to either not respond or respond how they expect. My favorite is no response. I feel if you are doing something to get a reaction out of me, then you don’t deserve a response from me. That is mental and emotional manipulation.

If we think about it, when we respond we’re giving them what they want. Before you know it, we are in an argument or situation that isn’t worth it. For me, after walking away, I was more upset that I even responded or gave them what they wanted. Now if you do choose to respond, do so on your own terms. Let things simmer down before you respond emotionally. That way your emotions are in tact and you can get out what you need.The More You Grow…


This is quite simple, leave people guessing. This is totally in your control. Living in a society where some over share, keeping your business close to the vest is best. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. The more people know about you the more they can insert themselves into your life. Even if it’s something good, that is when people hate on you the most. Be careful what you tell to people and who you tell it to.

The one’s that are closest to us is the ones that sometimes quietly pray for our downfall. Everything isn’t for everyone. That way if you do hear something about yourself, you know it’s completely made up. Also, if you tell one person, please understand and know it will be repeated.


The last thing you can control is what and who you give your time to. You have the ability to go where you want. Who you choose to be in a relationship with is completely up to you. How you invest your time is all up to you. Remember we give time and energy to who and what is important to us.

If you feel like there is somethings or people that has been taken up too much of your time then cut back. If you haven’t seen an return on your investment, then its time to reallocate your time. We all get the same amount of hours in a day, the number of days in a week, and the days in the month. What we do with it and how we use it, is completely our responsibility.

Control is something many grapple with. Trying to control the wrong things can certainly hurt your mental and emotional. Focusing on your response especially to negative energy is something that will help you. Giving away too much time to the wrong things can make you feel unproductive. And telling your business only gives others something to use to manipulate you. Be careful and mindful.


Be you so you can be free.