We can have the “perfect” routine and set up for life to be great. However, setbacks, rejections, and stumbling blocks are necessary for growth. In fact, they should be expected as nothing happens or develops how we set them out to.

No matter what we are planning or setting out to do, we are going to encounter a speed bump. The key is to not take this speed bump and let it stop us completely. We may have to slow down to get over it. We may have to back up and try some other vehicle to get us over it. But we will eventually get over the speed bump.

When we have to stop or go around a set back, we are learning and picking up knowledge needed to get us through to the next level. Obviously, there was something missing in our bag that we didn’t pick up on the way. Setbacks, rejections, and stumbling blocks helps us grow stamina mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically.

During this time, you may feel lonely and unsupported. There are times you are going to break down and cry. P.S. Crying is a good thing to do. It’s a good way to release tensions and frustration. We are human and its ok to cry. You may even have a time where you feel like giving up. In your mind you have done everything you could and just don’t see an answer in sight. My friend, all these feelings are normal. Even the most successful has had these thoughts and feelings. KEEP GOING AND PUSH YOURSELF

Once you reach what seems like the pit of hell, that is when you’re going to feel this surge of energy. Every answer you’ve been searching for finally comes to light. Now those setbacks, rejections, and stumbling blocks makes sense. You’ve figured the puzzle out and what each piece means.

We don’t know everything. Setbacks, rejections, and stumbling blocks helps us grow by teaching us what we don’t know.

The next time you’re faced with a speed bump, ask yourself what did I miss along the way? What didn’t I pick up that I left behind? Look at it and get excited because you’re about to discover and learn something that is going to propel you to the next level.


Be you so you can be free.