How do I know what my passion and purpose in life is? I have no idea where to begin or find it. The good news is, you don’t have to find it, its already in you. You’ve probably had a glimpse of it more than once. But due to fear, lack of resources, finances, and fear of “looking crazy” to family and friends you probably ignored it for many years just like I did. I too would always ask “What is my purpose?” “What am I passionate about?”

The truth is that, I already knew. But because no one else had my vision, or it seemed far out, I didn’t act upon it, or pursued it. Finally, one day I watched Steve Harvey Motivational Video about finding your gift and knowing what it is. He said “your gift is the thing you do the absolute best, with the least amount of effort.”

So I’m telling you, your gift is the one thing you do without thinking, breathing, or blinking. You do it so well that you don’t even realize you’re doing it. When you are in your gift, you are at peace, smiling, eager to continue, you don’t want it to end, and when it does all you can think about is doing it again. JOURNAL WRITING: 10 QUESTIONS TO HELP YOU FIND YOURSELF Acknowledging or figuring out your gift will help you understand your passion and purpose.

Yesterday I had to admit some hard truths after speaking with a client. She simply called in for some insurance. Upon having a conversation and trying to get information she revealed she wasn’t in the best place mentally due to the death of her father. Without warning I sprung into action, speaking life into her. I totally left the quote in place until we were finish.

For an hour and half, without thinking or remembering I was at work, I poured into her until I can hear a sigh of relief in her voice. Immediately, I encouraged her to not apologize for being emotional. I let her know it was ok to grieve and to do so on her own terms. As I began to pour into her, she began to open up and tell me how she had been trying to deal with the realization of her loved one passing. At one point, she even said “I can’t believe I’m opening up to you like this but I needed this conversation.”

SideNote: Sometimes talking to strangers about your honest and raw emotions is easier than talking to family and friends. You can be as authentic as you need to be to express yourself and feelings. When we sometimes talk to family and friends we tend to hold back because we don’t want the judgement.

That’s when I knew. The more we continued to bond and talk, the more I wanted to encourage, motivate, and support. The more she felt better. Her voice no longer trembled. Her tears began to clear. And she said she feels like she can find a way to live with her father no longer being here in the physical.

After hanging up, I was ready to do it again. Before I knew, I said, “That is what I want to do.” I literally began thinking of ways I can talk to people and encourage them in whatever they were going through. I was jotting down notes and things. The rest of the day my mind was brainstorming and thinking of ways I could do it again and again. Even now I’m still thinking about it.

Yes I have a great cooperate job with an amazing company, benefits, flexibility, and support. But still with that, my heart is wanting to help heal, encourage, and motivate. That’s how I know what my purpose and passion is.

Think of that one time or more than one, when you were completely sound mind, body, and spirit. And you couldn’t wait to do it again. That’s your gift, purpose, and passion.


Be you so you can be free.


All of us on this earth have a purpose. I know because God specifically placed us here when He wanted, how He wanted, and why He wanted. So because God said so, You Have A Purpose.

It doesn’t matter who your parents are, where you come from, or where you grew up, the purpose that God placed you here for hasn’t left your spirit. Regardless of what you’ve done, good or bad, to this point, you still have a purpose.

Nothing or no one can change God’s plan for you.”

There is still someone out there that you inspire. What you think is your pain or worst mistake, encourages and motivates another. How you overcome obstacles, inspires another to have the same strength as you. While you’re thinking you are damaged and no one would care, trust me there are many who look to you for light.

If you are feeling like you’ve been through too much trauma, ask yourself what is the common root of each experience. Look back and see how you over came each time. Now think about the lesson learned and what you know about yourself in the after math. Your purpose is sometimes in your pain. STRENGTH

Look around and I guarantee you, your purpose is right there. However, we can’t be afraid of what our purpose is. If it is to share your experiences to make someone else better or whole, then we have to get comfortable with being vulnerable. As I told my husband one night, I have to do “it” (I was struggling telling a family member something that could potentially hurt them) because I feel like God is trusting me to deliver a certain message to a certain person.

Don’t think your life is over and you have to settle. You have a purpose and will make a difference. Trust yourself to trust God, and you will get through.


Be you so you can be free.