Why I’m not a fan of working a 9-5 job

The thought of doing the same thing over and over again for 40 years pains me to think about it. There are many reasons why I’m not fan of working a 9-5 job. I applaud those who sit at the same desk from the time they are 25 years old to 70 years old. On the other hand, I have a couple of questions, “Why and how did you do it.?”

The main reason why I”m not a fan of working a 9-5 job is because I need my brain stimulated. Doing the same thing over and over again everyday will make me bored very easy. I like to be challenged. The enjoyment I get out of problem solving and figuring things out, keeps me motivated. I guess that’s why accounting and numbers are my thing. Balancing books and figuring out that one number that’s off is my drug of choice.

Side Note: I know I promote and encourage a self care routine, but a routine that doesn’t allow me to expand or explore and wasn’t created by me isn’t a routine for me.

Another reason why I’m not a fan of working a 9-5 is there isn’t any flexibility. Because you go in at the same time everyday, sit at the same desk everyday, eat lunch at the same time, go home at the same time, and see the same coworkers, I begin to feel like the hamster on the wheel. My life as I know it is wasting away. After so long, I begin to feel like the value of what I have to offer is no longer a there. Therefore, the work become less exciting, the motivation to get it done isn’t as great, and eventually you begin to care less about production.

As a mom and wife, time for family life and handling business is little to none. The time you need to take care of certain business is during the time you’re at work everyday. Getting things done around the house is always a chore because of little time that’s available. Especially when you have kids that play sports. Your evenings are tied as well as your weekend. Not to mention, you only get one day on Saturday, because Sunday is spent getting ready for the week.

No matter how hard you work and your accomplishments, you are easily replaceable. You literally can die and they will begin looking to replace you immediately. They don’t care about you personally, even though you are spending more than 40 hours a week there. Let’s be honest, working a 9-5 your coworkers may know more about you than some family. They only care about what you can do for them.

Most of the time the company and their policies aren’t for the employees best interest. I’m not a fan of working a 9-5 and having myself or others feeling like a machine. It’s presented as such. However, the company number goal is to increase profit and maximize it with little expense. They cover themselves before you can even think of covering your behind. HR isn’t your friend. It’s the companies friend.

Final Thoughts

To give you some background, when I was in high school I thought I wanted to be a marketing consultant and a 9-5 was my destiny. However, as I got into college and began working and managing my class schedule, I knew a monotonous job and schedule wasn’t for me. I wanted to have the freedom to work and still live my life as I needed to. YOU CONTROL YOUR OWN DESTINY

Fast forward to after graduation and being a stay at home mom, I tried it, and I don’t like it. The office politics was just too much. The idea of being in the office for eight or nine hours was getting to me mentally. For starters, I knew I could be doing other things that needed to be done. Also doing something I actually loved and devoting my time to that. Finally I had too much down time, because once I was able to get into a routine and understand my duties I was able to complete them quickly.

Because of all the reasons above, the sheer motivation to get up every morning, get dressed, and have enthusiasm to get to the office just isn’t there. Why I’m not a fan of working a 9-5, I do believe you can achieve great success and results if you are efficient and proficient.

I am not a fan of working 9-5 and sitting around not doing much or being productive. Yes, I’ve heard people say “its easy money” but I don’t want easy money. I need and want to use my talents and gifts. I have a thing of needing to feel productive. Now if you’re a fan of a routine 9-5 system and it works for you that is amazing!!!!!!! I just need the flexibility to be creative, challenged, and motivated.


Be you so you can be free.