Have you ever looked back and realized there are some things that you naturally do without thinking? Those are your self care habits and activities that makes you feel good and get you through the day. I have some simple favorite self care activities that makes a huge difference in my daily routine.

Self Care Is For You

My Morning Routine
My morning routine helps me start my day in a positive mindset, makes me feel good, and provides confidence. The simple act of telling myself it’s going to be a great day instantly motivates me to get out of bed. My morning skin care routine is the most important self care activity I do. The act of washing my face, applying serum, and moisturizer gives me the confidence needed to put my best foot forward the rest of the day. I take my time doing my skincare routine and enjoy the act of taking care of my skin.

Weekly Hair Mask
I’ve always loved doing my own beauty routines and rituals. I enjoy trying different hair products and masks to maintain the health of my hair. I’m always going back and forth in wearing my hair naturally curly and straightening it. Deep conditioning regularly has helped me maintain the health of my hair. MY NATURAL HAIR LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP

Maintaining My Home
I love being a wife and mom. Creating an environment to give my family peace, love, and comfort is never ending for me. Keeping my house clean, smelling good with inviting with comfort scents, and visual peace is joy for me. Knowing when we’re on vacation and one of my kids says, I’m ready to go home, warms my heart. Having a home and a place to where myself and family can feel the most safe will always take priority. Also to whomever, comes over and needs that sense of peace.

clear glass pitcher filled with clear liquid and slices of lemon

Drinking Water
The older I get the more in tuned I am in taking care of my body. Drinking an excess amount of water daily is my goal from the time I wake up. It allows me to flush out my system, eliminates bloating in my stomach, and keeps my skin clear. I feel much better when I maintain a certain amount of daily water intake. Staying hydrated and drinking water is the easiest self care activity you can do for yourself.

Doing Nothing
Having a moment to self and doing nothing is probably one of my favorite activities. I try to take advantage of moments when I can. I intentionally have a moment in the morning before I go to work. Sometimes I’ll sit on the couch, with my coffee, and look out the window. No phone or television on to provide distraction or interruption. The ability to not think about anything and just daydream is great for my mental and emotional health.

Staying Off My Phone
It’s no secret I’m not a fan of social media. But intentionally staying off my phone has become an increasing self care activity for me. I don’t have the images and thoughts of others constantly in front of me. Staying off the phone allows me to avoid consciously or unconsciously comparing my life to others. Lastly, it forces me to do something else creative or productive. ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA APPS DELETED

Of course, walking had to make this list. I walk more for my mental clarity and peace than to lose weight or stay fit. After a walk I’m relieved mentally and emotionally. I no longer feel tension or the anxiety from the events of the day or week. If I don’t walk, my body feels weird like somethings missing. Getting in a good sweat and releasing toxins is good for your overall wellness. Walking is the easiest, free, and most beneficial exercise for everyone. 10 LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY

Night Routine
In the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed my night routine I do without thinking. While I’m washing off my makeup or just cleansing my skin I reflect on the day and release. I’m in a mental state of clearing my mind and feeling lighter. I always have to put on some type of facial mask which makes me feel like I’m pulling the entire day out of my skin. The shower or bath I take, washes the day away and get me prepared for the next. I’m calm, settled, and have a free mental state to head to bed. The goal is to not go to bed heavy.

Those are just some self care activities I noticed I do without thinking and in routine. So often you hear people ask how do I get into routine or habits. Well sometimes if we pause, look at our daily habits, we’ll notice self care is already being practiced.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.

Self Care: Hobbies and Activities

We all have that one thing that makes us smile, calms us when we are angry, and won’t get tired doing. It could be collecting something, sewing or knitting, or having a hobby like drawing or gardening.

Well for me my “thing” is makeup. I can sit and watch video after video on makeup tutorials. I can wonder the aisles of the store for hours examining the shade range, packaging, scent, names of products, and anything in between.

For me though it isn’t about the makeup itself, it’s about the action of purchasing it, taking it home, and trying it out in many different ways to see how I look. The look or outcome of the makeup is always beautiful but thats when I lose my enjoyment. I enjoy the application process of it. It’s something about me blending foundation, applying mascara, and putting on lipstick that makes me feel good. The thought that I’m taking the time to enhance my beauty or see how different I would look with certain products is liberating, fulfilling, and makes me smile on the inside.

What’s your thing? Don’t ever be afraid to tell someone what your pass time is. That is what makes you unique. That is your gift. Something you are great at, constantly find ways to get better , educate yourself on, and never get tired doing that is you.

Most of the time we don’t realize our “thing” is what we need to tap into to fulfill ourselves.


Be you so you can be free.