Free yourself and let go of that grudge you been holding on to. Holding on to a grudge only hurts you, not the person you’re holding it against. Keeping that anger, pain, hurt, and frustration is only allowing them to hold power as well as continuously hurt you over and over again. FORGIVE For Your Mental Health

Let It Go

In order to hold on to a grudge you have to let it consume your every thought, desire, and action. No matter what you do, you consistently revert back to what the person said or did. Therefore, your inability to live and enjoy life has been halted. It takes a lot of time, strength, and persistence to hold on to a grudge. Instead use that strength , passion, and persistence to fulfill a dream or goal of yours.

That grudge you’re holding has hindered many other relationships. Because guess what, your other family and friends are tired of hearing about it. They are tired of you repeating and replaying the same conversation over and over again. In return, they don’t want to be around you because you’re bringing their mood down. Don’t let someone else effect the way you show up in other relationships.

In reality, while you are angry with a frown on your face, that person who hurt you is smiling, happy, eating good food, enjoying vacation, and the sun outside. They are sleeping well every night, having a good day at work, and enjoying their family. On the other hand, you off alone, thinking about what was said, and putting wrinkles in your face by frowning so much. The things that you used to enjoy you don’t even think about doing.

Don’t let someone continuously hurt you by holding a grudge. The grudge is hurting you not them. Release and let go so you can regain your power and strength back. First if you’re able to, have a conversation. Without any expectations. Your goal is to explain how their actions hurt you. Either they will understand and apologize, or they won’t. Regardless you’ve done your part by getting it out. Next figure out what position they hold. Do you want them in your life close or at a distance. From their move forward with the relationship accordingly.

Lastly, go live your life and be free. Let go of that anger and grudge to make room for happiness. Most of the time it’s a misunderstanding or lack of communication. The gift in letting go is for you not them.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.