You don’t have to be sick, ill, sad, depressed, or anxious to have a mental health check in. Just as we have our annual check up with our doctor and dentist, we shall have a mental health check up as well. It is best to be proactive than reactive. Preventive measures allows us to catch symptoms early.

There is this misconception that you have to be “suffering” from something in order to practice mental health self care. When in actuality, your mental health is just as important as your physical health. We need to treat our mental health like we do our physical health, oral health, financial health, and spiritual health.

Once a year we go to the doctor to check blood pressure, weight, aches and pains, hypertension, diabetes, and other preventive health measures. In the same, we shall check in with a therapist at least once a year. Sometimes we don’t even know how the events of the year may have effected us. There is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking with a therapist once or twice a year. If you can’t see a therapist someone at church, a family member or friend you trust, or journal every so often will help. You’d be surprise as to what comes out.

We take many measures making sure our oral health is in tact. We brush, floss, and gargle on a daily to keep our teeth and gums healthy. Well, having a daily self care routine, moment, or habits is one in the same. Daily Self Care Habits To Boost Your Mental Health Having an hour to yourself each day is essential for your mental health. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Whatever you need to do to ensure you show up the best version of yourself is your daily self care check list.

As individuals we work hard to earn income to pay our bills, take care of our families, and to do the things we enjoy. Banking affirmations, knowing your worth, and creating boundaries is building your wealth for your mental health. We have to have so much in the bank, that when something do happens to us it doesn’t break us. Also when we do hit a bump in the road our bank isn’t depleted.

Lastly, we go to church and worship. Keep believing and having faith is how most of us make it through the day. Just as we believe our Lord will carry us. We must believe in ourselves. Don’t doubt yourself, trust yourself, believe in your talents, and be good to yourself.

Having a mental health check up isn’t just for those who aren’t feeling 100%. All of us should check in with ourselves. That is the only way we can be a great mom, wife, sister, friend, coworker, husband, father, man, or woman. Once we have checked in, it’s important to give back, spread the love, and encourage others to check in as well.

Be well on your journey .


Be you so you can be free.