The truth will set you free is something we’ve heard a million times. But what does it really mean? Your truth is yours. Simply. The truth about your experiences. Truth about your feelings. The truth about your thoughts and emotions. Your truth is yours and no one can tell you its a lie or you’re wrong.

Your truth is yours and you must own it like you own your house or car. The one revelation I had this past weekend is telling the honest gut truth, will release and relieve you. The key is to not give a surface answer. You know when we say things like, “I feel some type of way.” What way? What are you feeling? Or when we say, ”I don’t like what they said.” Who said what? Is it how they said it? When they said it? Was it the intentions or context of what they said? In order to get better and heal from the tear, we have to say what the injury is so it can be treated correctly.

I had a moment this weekend with a family member who I previously expressed a feeling and concern to. They took what I said and immediately through it in my face the first chance they got a a moment. I had to ask myself why was I mad, angry, upset, hurt, and crying. It wasn’t that they repeated or brought up my moment of vulnerability. It was the fact they intentionally used it like a knife to hurt me. The conversation had nothing to with what I told them. But at the ready, they had it locked and loaded ready to use against me at the first moment they could.

That’s what hurt. I don’t feel guilty or bad about expressing my true feelings to them. I still believe and stand by my feelings. The act of intentionally trying to make my feelings or experience wrong, inaccurate, or not valid is what hurt. Especially coming from someone I love and I want love from. See there is another truth. I had to say, yes I want love and affection from them. Even though they hurt me, I still love them, wish them well, and want nothing but good things for them in their life.

So when I say tell the truth and it will set you free, it will. Once I said exactly what made me upset, I felt ok with moving forward. I don’t feel like I need clarity, an apology, or hold any bad feelings. Because I do know hurt people, hurt people. I can see their pain and why they wanted me to feel as hurt as them. Even though it had nothing to do with me.

No matter what truth you need to speak, say it loudly. If its regarding your job, say exactly what you don’t like. What are you lacking from your job or career that you need and want? Your truth about your relationship or marriage, speak it. Be specific and detailed about your truth so you can be set free. YOU OWE YOU…FIRST The truth about your finances, home life, lifestyle, or anything that you need to be honest with yourself about, speak it. You won’t learn what to do next if you don’t tell the truth. I’ts like going to the doctor complainig about your knee, when your arm is actually what’s bothering you.

Just like forgiveness is for you, your truth is yours and is for you. Speak your truth so you can heal, grow, and be better for yourself. Your truth isn’t wrong.


Be you so you can be free.