So often we think self care has to be difficult. In actuality, self care is all around you. You can go have a bowl of ice cream, because you can. That’s saying I have a sweet tooth and I want a bowl of ice cream. Self care can be as simple as treating yourself to that $5 latte that you haven’t had in a while.

We are expected to wake up to some snow in the morning, so I’m going to self care and find something to binge watch. You can escape for a moment binge watch your favorite show. Laugh and learn something from you favorite character. Self care is all around you.

If you have a favorite lotion, body wash, perfume and you want to purchase it, no matter how much it costs, that’s you practicing self care. Postponing the dishes until the morning is self care. You are giving yourself a break. Turning in and going to bed early is practicing self care. No matter what it is or how small, if it helps you in any way thats self care.

Self care is all around you when you say I’m going to order takeout instead of cooking. When you ask for help you are practicing self care. That phone call you declined, you practiced self care. SELF CARE HABITS: 8 DAILY HABITS TO FEEL YOUR BEST

We all have guilty pleasures, expensive products we like, certain meals we can indulge again and again, and that is perfectly ok. That is our business and how we self care.

So this weekend give yourself permission to do random acts of self care. No matter how small it is, you will have a big reward. Whether it’s mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Yourself will thank you for it.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.