There are simple easy self care habits you can do daily. There are little things I do on a daily that keeps me in a good mood. So often we think self care has to be expensive or on a grand scale. It’s the little daily things that gives me peace. In no particular order here are some daily self care tips that I do everyday.

  1. My night routine is very calming and soothing. 🛌 At first I didn’t realize it was a routine until I sat down to think about it. Before I begin, I make sure that I have done everything needed for the kids and my husband because once I start I don’t want to be interrupted. I pull my hair back and begin the process of removing makeup if I wore it that day. Makeup Free For A Year And Loving It 💄Then I take my time and wash my face. The process of getting rid of dirt, oil, and grime of the day makes me feel good. Next, I put on my facial mask. While my mask is drying I choose the soap or body wash of my choice. After that, I make sure to have my towel, robe, and slippers handy. All while doing this I’m praying and thanking God 🙏 for the day. Most of the time, I have some kind of music or YouTube video playing in the background. Finally, I hop in the shower and was the day away. This mentally, physically, and emotionally prepares me to get into sleep mode. My mind is clear and ready for the next day. The key to this is to take your time. When I get out I lotion 🧴 my body and put on a little perfume. Mental unwind.
  2. Everyday I give myself an hour to do nothing. 🧘🏾‍♀️This usually happens after I drop the kids off to school and my husband is off to work. I come home, sit on the couch and do nothing. No phone near by, not a television on in the home, and not a light on in the house. I sit, sometimes drink my ☕️coffee at this time, and day dream. Let my mind rest. Often times I pray, release emotions, and clear my spirit. This helps me maintain a sense of calm and peace. 🎆
  3. Take an hour to watch one program a day. 📺 After some reflection, I realized there were days where I hadn’t even looked at a TV. So I made it a point to take a moment and watch at least one hour of television a day. This is another way I decompress. Get my mind off everyday tasks and things I want to do. This forces me to take a break.
  4. Without question, I literally light a candle 🕯 everyday. This is something that soothes my sense of smell and gives a calming effect. It’s almost like the beginning of unwinding my day. Ok, I know I’m in for the day, so it’s time to begin calming the atmosphere.😌
  5. This comes as a no brainer, I always have a cup of coffee ☕️ or tea. Random Fun Fact About Me As a mug collector, the act of choosing my mug and getting myself into a mood sets the tone for the day. Once again, this is something that gives me 5 minutes ⏱of the day to be one with myself. Enjoy sipping and thinking about whatever I want is great for mental and emotional health.
  6. Walk 🚶‍♀️on the treadmill. Even when I’m tired and don’t feel like it, I will hop on and do a walk. This is my form of meditation. Once I put my ear buds in and listen to music, I have drifted off to never land. I can sweat and release all kinds of energy. Especially if I’m angry, upset, hurt, or overwhelmed, a good walk relaxes my mind and helps me to stop thinking about bad thoughts. 🙇‍♀️ Once I’m done, I feel lighter mostly mentally and emotionally.
  7. Read an article. 📰 I’ve committed myself to reading an article a day. Most often now, it’s reading another fellow bloggers posts. Sometimes I find great articles in magazines or just random one’s online. But I like to read some kind of article, particularly of an area that I have no interest in. This is to expand my mind, vocabulary, and exposure to other things. Forcing myself out of my comfort zone. My favorite time to do this is at work, to avoid any office drama. I can zone out and read. Self care habits are important to maintain at work as well.
  8. Without question I’m going to listen to some type of 🤲 motivational or inspirational message. I begin my day with a message and sense of gratitude. However, it’s common for me to listen or read more than once a day. I have to keep my spiritual gas tank full. That is my source of strength and fuel. Even when I’m having an amazing day, that is the best time to pour into your spiritual tank.

Those are just a couple of daily habits I noticed that keeps my mood uplifted. No matter how little or big a habit is, it’s how it makes you feel. The ultimate goal is to find daily habits that inspires, motivates, and uplift you either in good or bad times. You don’t have to feel anxious or depressed to engage in daily self care habits. I guarantee you, as I did, if you look at your daily lifestyle, there are somethings you do everyday without even knowing it. Those are your self care habits. Do whatever makes you feel good on the inside.


Be you so you can be free.