Whether we want to believe it or not, there is someone out there we all inspire. You could be going through the toughest of times, but someone is watching you in awe. I know it’s hard to believe. The saying is so cliche but it’s true.

The last couple of months I’ve noticed the smallest influence I had on my daughter. I began to notice every time I repainted my nails or did my manicure, within a day or so, she would change her nail color to match mine. Again on Sunday I decided to do my weekly manicure, and last night she did hers, and without fail, she came downstairs matching me.

Some may think it’s not a big deal. However, even the smallest thing you do, someone is watching. Others would say that is what she’s suppose to do. And they are right in a sense. Of course, I want to inspire her and give her the best example.

But guess what, she’s just not watching me change a nail color. She’s watching my daily routine. How I show up as a woman. My daughter listens and watches how I handle business. Let’s go a step further. She has a front row seat on how I interact with her dad. How I show up as a woman in my marriage with her dad. The way I resolve conflict, how I handle pain, mentally, physically and emotionally, if I process my feelings, and how I communicate. HOW DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF

No matter what you are doing or where you are working someone is out there inspiring to be like you and mimic how you go about your life. You may feel less than your best, or you don’t have anything to offer. But you do. You have so much to offer. There is a special gift that was specifically created for you. The smallest gesture will have the greatest impact.

Someone out there is watching and inspired by your story. That coworker that you think is rude to you or doesn’t like you, they are inspired by you. That lady at the coffee shop sees your strength and light. The grocery store worker that bags your groceries is inspired by you. How you show up and smile everyday for your children is an inspiration. Family members are in awe of your inner beauty and wisdom.

If you’re out there working and grinding yourself to exhaustion but feel like you should give up, please don’t. You are an inspiration to yourself and someone else. You may not know it now, but you are a light for someone. So keep shining bright and being the best version of you. The greatest free gift you can give to someone is hope.

Happy International Women’s Day!!!! Have a great day!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.