Depression, anxiety, mental exhaustion , social anxiety, being drained, emotionally depleted, and whatever else one may describe being in a state of darkness. Here a 5 self love tips for anxiety and depression. At some point in our lives we’re all going to feel some form of it, some of us more than once. Here are a couple of things you can do now to fight depression and anxiety.

  1. Admit how you are feeling. Say whatever it is. Don’t try to minimize or rationalize the pain, that will only make things worse. The biggest mistake we make is we brush it off, pretend like its not real, it will go away on its own, or we are simply embarrassed and upset at ourselves for falling into a depression . If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to someone about it, write it down. Another thing you can do is speak it to yourself. Take a walk, speak it out loud, give it a voice. Once you’ve honestly vocalized how you feel you’re able to take the next step in healing. Self Care Mental Health Tips
  2. Make small goals or take baby steps. Write a list of things you’ll like to accomplish or correct to get you where you want to be. Then make an action plan on how to tackle each one step by step. This will give you a visual to check your progress and with each step you accomplish the confidence will build back up. So often we want to fix or tackle everything at once. Trying to “fix” everything at once will have you bouncing back and forth and with so many projects started you’ll become overwhelmed. Starting with something small and completing it gives a sense of accomplishment and motivation to push forward.
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others in real life or on social media. That will kill any progress you make or stop you from even starting. Take a break from social media. Remember what you see on social media is filtered, a snap shot, and a persona that someone has created. So you comparing yourself to a fictional representation isn’t worth your heart ache. Focus on yourself and the journey you’re walking.
  4. Validate yourself. Yes I know we have many voids in our hearts that need to be filled, but guess what, searching for that void other than God and yourself will leave you empty every time. Please know, feel, and believe the void of a loved one has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them and what they are going through. Don’t take ownership of someone else’s baggage. LOVE YOURSELF MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE
  5. There’s only one you in this world. Own it. You are perfect, unique, and have gifts and talents that no one else has. Discover your gift or what you love to do and nurture it. But don’t be upset when someone doesn’t like what you have to offer. They don’t have to and that’s ok. In the same breath don’t sway with the wind to get someone to like you.

Self love is in the name. It begins with self. Know that you are strong enough to withstand another storm. You’ve been a survivor before and will continue to rise. Give yourself some credit. Remember when things are easy, you’re not growing. These were just 5 self love tips for anxiety and depression. I’m pretty sure there are millions more, but this is a great foundation and start for anyone.

So in the next storm you’re in, put that umbrella up, stay dry and wait for the rainbow to shine when it’s over.


Be you so you can be free.