Your awkwardness is what makes you special. Mental note for the week is, we’re all awkward. There is something about everyone on this planet that is off or ”awkward”. But that one awkward thing is what makes you, You. That is how you stand out from the rest. The unique thing about you that no one else has. Embrace whatever is awkward about you. MID WEEK MENTAL HEALTH REMINDERS

I had the pleasure of meeting one of my husbands new employees. The second sentence after saying ”Hi, nice to meet you.” He said ”I’m sorry I’m kinda awkward.” Immediately I went into protective mom mode. I said ”no you’re not. You are perfect the way you are.” Then I proceeded to tell him, we are all awkward. Don’t ever lead with that, own that in a negative sense, or put yourself in a place for others to manipulate you. Also leading with a negative affirmation as such, puts you as inferior to whomever you’re engaging with. Take that affirmation and turn it into a positive. I reminded him, whatever is special about you, embrace it because that is what’s going to make your light shine bright.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being different. Thinking different. Going against the grain. Standing out instead of fitting in. That awkward thing that you do or about you is what makes your confidence muscle stronger. The willingness and ability to step into your uniqueness builds your character, strengthens your courage, and actually inspires others.

As you go on your journey, I encourage you to intentionally make decisions that scare you. Do something to make yourself stand out from the rest. Furthermore, embrace your ”awkward”. You can start by choosing a different style of clothes, hair, phone, vehicle, and even where you vacation. Making the decision to choose you and be different will help you build confidence quickly.

We’re all awkward and that’s ok. Tap into your awkwardness and see how your life changes. Everything that you’ve been wanting or wanting to do, will manifest.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.

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