Your wellness is fit for you. The wellbeing of your mental, emotional, and physical state is tailored just for you. How you go about, your self care is completely YOU. If you choose to change, switch, increase, or decrease anything, that is for your wellness journey.

W-Willing to do, think, or try anything different to better yourself. The willingness to forgive yourself. Giving yourself permission to be a better version of yourself, comes from having your WILL. You can be given all the tools needed to succeed and be better, but the willingness come from you.

E-Embrace your greatness. You may not think so or believe it, but you have some greatness in you. Tap into your gifts, skills, and talents. Let them lead and guide you to your destiny. Your wellness is fit for you when you live freely with the gifts God has given you.

L-Love and like your flaws. We love to highlight our best assets. But, it is equally important to love and highlight our flaws. Because guess what, everyone on planet earth has a flaw. No matter what it is or how it shows up, embrace every ounce of you.

L-Lead each day with positivity. Wake up knowing and expecting nothing but goodness. Attempt to find the good, even in the worst situations. There isn’t a life where we won’t have hiccups, but trust yourself to handle it.

N-Nutrition is essential to your wellness. Your nutritional lifestyle is fit for you. However, ensure you are being good to the only body you are going to have. It is our temple. What we put into our bodies comes out in every form.

E-Effectively communicate. Be clear about what your expectations are. Leave no room for assumptions. Thats often how misunderstandings take place. We are quick to outline what we don’t want, but make sure to know what you do want. Your wellness is fit for you, so don’t minimize yourself to make someone else feel comfortable. SELF CARE: WHAT’S YOUR MOTIVATION

S-Splurge on yourself once in a while. It’s perfectly ok, to treat yourself. Make yourself feel good before anyone else does. We all have guilty pleasures and things we want. You don’t have to wait for anyone to give your permission or to provide you with anything. Pat your own self on the back. Self affirmations.

S-Success is different for everyone. Your idea of success looks different from mine. Success looks different in families, relationships, and coworkers. We all want to be successful, in our own way and right. That is perfectly fine. Define your idea of success and make it happen.

Once we focus on ourselves and make an outline to where we’re going, clarity will arise. Our wellbeing isn’t going to mimic anyone else’s path or journey. We can be inspired and motivated by another’s journey, but our wellness is fit for us.


Be you so you can be free.

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