Quick mental note today, that came to me after having a great conversation this morning. Open your mind for understanding, clarity, and direction. We all heard this phrase growing up, keep an open mind, but never really understood or applied it in life. Of course, as we get older and experience life, we can appreciate the advice.

Be Open-Minded

But having an open mind for understanding benefits you in every relationship you may have. Ask and understand why a person has a certain point of view. Get to know what experiences shaped their perspective to believe a certain way. Knowing and understanding the circumstances around events will help you not be judgmental or critical because you guys aren’t seeing eye to eye.

When we’re able to get to know someone and their experiences, this allows the relationship to grow and develop deeper. There won’t be a stumbling block or hurdle constantly there you guys can’t get over. The ability to talk things through and work through differences become easier.

Open your mind for clarity allows you to know your position in the relationship. Any type of relationship. Because you are clear on where a person needs help or growth, you are able to assist in their healing. Which means, you are becoming a better person and you know where you are needed. You will be able to know how to love that person as well as know if that person is able to give you what you need in return.

Having an open mind for direction gives you the strength needed to know if you should continue or dissolve the relationship. The ability to effectively communicate, understand, and see another person side can save a relationship from completely going sour. Now having direction, will enable you to set boundaries and create plans for the relationship if needed. Girlfriends…Why We Need Them

Agree to disagree. Know your position and place. Then, do what you have to do to make sure you’re whole in the situation. You have all the tools needed then to proceed on any relationship or situation. This not only goes for relationships, but business deals, or any situation that requires you to compromise, give or take.

Remember you’re not changing your position or stance on what you believe or what you want. Basically, you just seeing where they are coming from. You are simply keeping an open for your mental sake, to know how to proceed. This avoids wasted time, money, resources, and losing relationships. Keep an open mind for understanding, clarity, and direction.


Be you so you can be .