Take A Break…Your Mental Health Depends On It

We’ve become addicted to being busy. Telling ourselves its the only way to be successful, productive, and to provide for our families. Before we know it, time spent with family has become nonexistent. We’ve become robots and creatures of habit, we must stop and enjoy life.

If you’ve found yourself in a place where you need to stop and enjoy life, feeling lost and need to comeback the first thing to do is create a time dedicated just for you. Use this time to nurture your mind, body, and soul. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. If you want to binge watch a show and eat ice cream, guess what you taking a break and enjoying life.

Next thing you can do is STOP! Yes literally stop. There’s at least once or sometimes twice depending on what’s going, let’s remember I am a mom of 3, I sit on my couch, bed, or at the table and do absolutely nothing. Phone is either so far away from me that I won’t hear it or I’ve turned it off. Television and computer is off. Most of the time the lights are off. I’m literally still, letting my mind clear, wonder, drift, or do nothing. Just be in the moment. Don’t think about the bills, dinner, schedule, work, or anything else you feel has to be done. There isn’t a time frame of how long this stillness last I let it happen naturally.

So much happens on a daily basis that we don’t even realize it because we’re busy keeping the schedule going. Stop and enjoy life, take in the moments, enjoy the funny moment, and create memories.

Finally it’s ok to let the dishes sit until the morning or put that load in the washer. As women we so often put pressure on ourselves to get it all done. Guess what, we always get it done and make it happen. Take a little pressure off yourself, give yourself some credit, and permission to say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” You are still going to be that superwoman that you are.

Remember we aren’t robots. We are here to live and not exist. We’re suppose to enjoy life and live, not live like its a chore.


Be you so you can be free.