My biggest lesson of this week is TIME!!!!!!!. Specifically anything you’re planning, creating, or building it takes time. Time is key. Once you lose it, you can’t get it back. On the other hand, the time is now to take a leap of faith and do what you’ve been putting off. Along with time, having the patience to go through the obstacle course is key. The growth of your business requires discipline in using time wisely as well as having patience.

If you want whatever you’re creating or building to be sustainable or have any kind of value, my best advice is “give it time.” You don’t have to have all the answers. Therefore, trying to complete everything at once or in a day is impossible. Let things simmer and develop. Anything worth having will take time and patience.

Exercising patience and time allows you to flow through instead of the process being forced. Remember you don’t want to have all the answers. You want to grow and learn as much as you can. Time and patience are essential no matter what adventure you are on.

Time is our most important asset and it takes a significant amount of time to have patience. Even if you’re trying to over come an emotional trauma. Time is key for any healing. Having the patience to give the healing time is even more key. Your growth to overcome or build anything relies on your use of time and being patient.

What do you do in the waiting period? Educate yourself as much as possible. Reading and watching as much material as you can about your business is work. Knowing the background of anything will help you build a better foundation.

If you’re in a waiting period during your healing process, learn how your actions helped or hurt any situation. Work on yourself inside and out. Take up a hobby or do something that sparks your interest. The best answers to what we’re looking for happens in our waiting period.

In the end, remember to take your time and have patience to let things pan out how they are supposed to. Don’t rush anything, instead learn the lesson in the waiting period. Alas, enjoy every moment.


Be you so you can be free.