Children Are Our Future…Embrace Them

Take a walk with the kids, literally and figuratively. We use to hear the ole folks say all the time you have to get them before the streets do. Well in this day and age you have to get them before social media do. There is so much these kids have access to that convince, encourage, and persuade them into a direction that’s not in align with your point of view, morals, and values. As parents we often want to reel them back in when its too late.

While they are young its important to walk and talk with them. Just because they are children doesn’t mean their feelings aren’t valid, they don’t have their own views and opinions, or they aren’t effected by everyday life. When you go out on a trail or to the park for a walk, no phones distracting, we are able to communicate and learn what’s going on in their little brains without them feeling like your’re giving them the third degree. They willingly tell you how they honestly feel, what’s on their mind, what they want, what’s happening at school, what they are afraid of, and future desires.

Invest in Children

This allows you to know how to parent and nurture them going forward. They know mom and dad are interested in my their and you’ve validated them. If we don’t know them we won’t know how to parent them and give them what they need to be successful. We learn and grow with our children. Who they were at 5 years old isn’t who they are at 12 years old. Just like who we were in college isn’t who we are at 30.

Walk, learn, and grow with the kids because they are too on your journey as well as on their own.


Be you so you can be free.