It took me a while to learn my skin and create a regimen. However, there are some non product beauty tips for clear skin that I’ve adopted to help keep my skin clear. 5 NON BEAUTY RELATED SKIN CARE TIPS The first thing to do is learn your skin type, then learn what products work for you, and lastly, be consistent. You must be consistent to achieve results.

Tip#1-Limit Alcohol
If you want to dry your skin out, drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Too much consumption, dehydrates the skin, thus leaving the skin to begin sagging, creating wrinkles, and causes breakouts. Also the lack of hydration causes your skin to look dull, grey, and lifeless. Notice I said too much. An occasional drink here and there is ok. If you do have a drink, drink double the amount of water to flush out your system. Another good way to flush out the system is to sweat it out. So a good workout to get you sweaty will help.

Tip#2-Don’t Touch Your Face
This one was hard for me. For someone who works in an office it’s very easy to rest your face in your hands. This causes all the natural oils from your hands and bacteria to soak into the skin. Not only touching your face with hands, make sure to wipe your phone often because it rest on the skin while talking, and don’t let others touch your face.

Tip#3-Keep Hair Out of Face
We use a lot of product in our hair. I know for me, any kind of hair on my face I will immediately breakout. The hair sprays, oils, and serums can effect our skin if we consistently allow our hair to rest on our face.

Tip#4-Change Your Pillow Case Often
I’ve heard some women say they sleep on their back to keep their face off the pillow. But at some point our face will touch the pillow. I’m personally a side sleeper, so inevitably my face will touch the pillow. Once again, the oils from the hair and product will transfer onto the skin. Changing as often as you can, will help eliminate unwanted breakouts.

Tip#5-Limit Sugar and Dairy
This is personal for me. Once I eliminated sugary drinks and dairy from my diet I noticed a huge difference in my skin. Lots of soda, candy, dairy, and sweets can cause breakouts that leave scars and discoloration. Remember whatever we put into our body comes out in our skin. That is with the good and bad.

Tip#6-Don’t Stress and Worry
Yes, I know this is very difficult to do. But stress and worry wears on our skin worse than makeup. Sometimes we can stress so bad, it wears on our pores, saggy skin, redness, dark circles, breakouts, lines, wrinkles, and even swelling. When faced with difficult times it’s most important to focus on our self care more. Spending extra time on ourselves in challenging times, refocus our attention on something we can control.

In addition to these tips keep your regimen simple and listen to your skin. It will tell you what you need. Good all round skin care is in our daily habits.


Be you so you can be free.


It’s hump day!!!! I tell my kids every Wednesday, ”you almost done with the week. Once you get over hump day, you’ll running to the finish line.” Happy hump day everyone!!!!

I just want everyone to know if there is any kind of hump in your life that you are trying to get over, you’re almost there. Don’t give up, keep going!!!! It gets the toughest when you are almost at the finish line. You have the strength to pull through. EVEN THE STRONGEST NEEDS A BREAK

When you are at your lowest, weakest, and just can’t take it any more, the breakthrough is coming. Please believe and know you are stronger, bigger, tougher, and wiser than any obstacle you are facing. No matter if it’s a physical hump, mental hump, emotional hump, financial hump, relationship hump, or work hump. You will conquer and see through to the other side.

Has it been challenging? YES!!!!!! Have you taken all you can take? YES!!!!!! There have been tears shed. You have screamed, shut down, and stressed yourself to no end. But, hold on because it’s hump day and there isn’t a hump big enough to hold you down.

You’ve been here before. Remember?!?! There was another time you thought you weren’t going to get through, and you did. Think back, and pull from that strength. Rememeber how you felt when you finally conquered and got over the hump. Expect and anticipate the victory of WINNING!!!!!!

In the meantime, be patient, pray, and do your best. The rest has been worked out already. Remember it’s not our timing that is the best timing.

So on this hump day, go be great. Be your best self. Tough times don’t last. You will outlast any hump that you face today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. We will have humps. But it’s how we climb that hump and what we do in the process that makes it manageable.

Have a great day!!!! Happy Hump Day!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


Just because you can handle the pressure and weight everyone places on you doesn’t mean you have to take it. The toughest and strongest of them all even needs a break. I know first hand how it feels to not want to let family and friends down, because they are counting on you. You often times feel obligated. Some of us have grown up to believe that no matter what, we’re supposed to extend and over extend because it is “family”.

Even in the workplace, you can get stretched thin because you’re so dang good, that your boss and everyone else asks you to handle tasks that isn’t your duty or responsibility. They’ve probably taken your kindness of helping them out that one time and ran with it. Now without thinking, they put “little” task off you that amount to more work. It seemly has became your duty because you’ve helped a few times and they’ve passed the buck. Less compensation. Little appreciation.

Now please note, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to help or be there for others. Those that are strong would love to have their loved ones show some love, care, and concern in return. Ask them how their day is going. What’s going on in their world. Are they overwhelmed. Do they need anything. Even it they say no, just the simple genuine ask means the world.

looking for a friend bear

No one ever thinks it’s a problem or you’re stressed because you’re good add hiding your frustration. Or, you’re so nice and kind, they think you don’t mind. At this point so much time has passed that it’s almost impossible to let someone know you’re no longer available mentally, emotionally, or physically like you used to. Setting some boundaries for someone who hasn’t had any, can be difficult. You may fear rejections, lost of friendship, relationship, or even awkward work space. So you convince yourself over and over again you can take it. That only leads to resentment and dissolutions of relationship that may not be able to be repaired.

I had to learn to accept that just because I can handle it, I don’t have to take on that load. It is difficult to tell someone to keep that load to yourself knowing you can help or assist them greatly.

But if you don’t give yourself a break, no one else will. Set those boundaries upfront. Make it clear what you will do and how far you will go. We all know you are strong and you can handle what is thrown at you more easy than others. It won’t be a sign of weakness if you were to say, not today. I need to do this for me. Eventually they will get the hint.

Being mentally and emotionally strong, it is important to communicate your feelings. Those that are mentally and emotionally strong suffer in silence sometimes. They feel no one will understand them. Because everyone is depending and pulling on them, they don’t want to burden anyone with their stress. Or feel like they can pour onto someone that is in need themselves. People know you can handle it, so they don’t think anything phases you. And because they have no idea how tired you are, they think you’re made of cement. Remember we teach people how to treat us.

So if you are the one people go to, give yourself a break. You are still going to be strong. Setting limits and taking a break is exercising great strength. STRENGTH If you know someone who carries the weight of the world on their shoulders reach out to them. Check up on them from time to time. It will be greatly appreciate it.


Be you so you can be free.


Tap into your creative side to help you figure out what you want to do next. So many of us are stuck trying to figure out what to do next, how to use this time we have to invest or invent something for ourselves. Creativity to boost mental health takes the chore out it. There is a true connection between creativity and mental health. When you begin to get creative it doesn’t have to be anything big.

Right now I’m having the time of my life learning and investing my time and energy into three new things to me. The first one I’m working on is to perfect my recipe for my version of Avocado Toast 🥑as well as my version of an Vanilla Iced Almond Latte🧋. The last is me working on my green thumb. I’ve always envied those who could nurture plant 🪴 and flowers 💐. One of my goals at the beginning of the year was to get some greenery in the home. I purchased one (an Aloe plant) and due to unfortunate circumstances, a death in the family, I ended up with three plants (a small peace lily and a large peace lily plant).

Side note: For quite some time now I’ve longed to have the talent on how to sew. I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of pants but can’t seem to find them. I’ve had many thoughts of purchasing a sewing machine and making my own.

But anyway….

We’ll be surprised to see when we challenge ourselves how much it lifts our mood and spirits. Begin figuring out what you want to invest your time in learning or perfecting. We’re so quick to say “I don’t know how to do that” or “I can’t do that” or “That’s not something I’m good at”. Well now its time to try something new. Don’t worry about how big or small the adventure may be to others. It’s not for them or about them.

Your creativity is something personal to you. The more creative you are the better your mental health become.

This is essential to your mental and emotional health because it’s keeping you busy, learning a new skill, figuring out new things about yourself, it’s challenging you to step out your comfort zone , and you’re growing in the process. You never know where your hobby may take you. Use new activities and adventures as a free therapist. Good Luck and Have some Fun!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.