Who doesn’t love to be pampered and get pampered? We all deserve the pleasures of feeling good and looking good. However, having treatments done head to toe can get expensive. Here are some simple things you can do to have a spa day at home. Feeling good and looking good can be achieved everyday.

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Set The Mood
Before beginning to pamper yourself, you must make sure your space is free and clear. Clean and tidy your home. Declutter, dust, and disinfect your space or home. Now that your physical is clean, set the mood with an aroma or scent of your choice. Candles are great options and provide aroma that will last and cover a large area of your home. You can opt for calming scents like Lavender or Vanilla. However, I love a good clean fresh scent that isn’t too harsh or loud, like fresh linen. Lastly, to set the mood, get you a beverage of choice and music. Wine, tea, coffee, water, or whatever you enjoy to make you feel good. A good choice of music, something soothing and slow. Jazz is always a good option.

Everything begins with hair, right? If we are having a bad hair day, then the entire day is off. Prep your hair routine by mixing your deep conditioner first. I have a bowl purchased from the dollar store specifically for this. Get your favorite deep conditioner or regular conditioner and mix in some of your favorite oils into the bowl. I’ve found using a drugstore deep conditioner mixed with oils is a better treatment than going to the salon. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it will be more effective. Then you’re ready to wash, condition, and deep condition. After placing the deep condition onto the hair and combing through, place a shower cap on for heat activation or reuse an old plastic grocery bag. It works the same. Most of the time I allow my deep condition to set for an hour.

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First figure out what your face and neck needs. Are you feeling dry? Do you see alot of dead skin cells and need to exfoliate? Are you experiencing large pores? What kind of facial mask do you need? I begin with removing unwanted cheek hair, chin hairs, and upper lip hairs. From cheek bones down I epilate to get rid of any unwanted tiny hairs that may have popped up. Next, cleanse with a good oil cleanser to remove dirt, makeup, and sweat. Follow up with a double cleanse to remove any impurities that the oil cleanser didn’t get. After that you may follow with a mask for moisture, tighten pores, or anti aging. My favorite is a good clay mask. Self Care Beauty Routine Final step after rinsing is to treat and moisturize.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to scrub your lips of dead skin and moisturize. You can purchase a lip scrub for under $5, use a toothbrush and vaseline, or just a little of your facial scrub will work as well.

Here you have a choice of hot shower or bubble bath. Because I have a hair mask on my hair as well as a facial mask, I’ll probably opt to hit the hot shower. Here again, what does your body need? Are you experiencing dry skin? Does your body need a good exfoliation? Using your favorite soap bar, body wash, or cleanser give your body a good lather. Tip: Between washes, because we’re going to wash up twice in the shower. Rinse your hair mask out and then your facial mask off. After that, wash up again. Because you don’t want the oils and conditioner that ran down your back to give you acne. Once out the shower, moisturize and put on something cute and comfy.

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Bonus Tip: If you go to a spa or salon to groom yourself and do hair removal perfect. But, if you don’t, use this time to do an at home wax, use hair removal cream, epilate, or shave if you have to.

If you are one who treat yourself to a mani/pedi weekly or biweekly, you are awesome. For my ladies that don’t, you can definetly experience it at home. Using a rubber dish tote for under $5, warm water, and foot soak you can give yourself a great pedicure. A good foot pumice stone is $3 and you can get rid of dead skin on your feet. Lastly, don’t forget to moisturize and lock in the moisture with some cute fuzzy socks. You can opt to polish your toe nails or leave them clean after shaping and filing them. As for your hands, clean, exfoliate, and moisturize. Keep your nails filed and shaped.

There you have it. An at home spa day that didn’t cost you a car payment. You can get your money worth and use the products again. Furthermore, the amount of me time you’ve experienced with yourself is priceless and will be forever rewarding. If you are feeling like you need a pick me up, plan yourself an at home spa day to get back in tuned with yourself.

You deserve it!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.