This mental health reminder is a tip for me and you. Opinions don’t define you. Someone’s opinion of you, what you are doing, and how you be doesn’t increase or decrease your value . Remember opinions, mostly negative, is a reflection of how they view themselves.

So often we get hurt and make decisions based off what another said or think. What did it get you? Absolutely nothing. They only found another thing to criticize you on and make you second guess or question yourself.

Just because someone doesn’t agree with the choices you make doesn’t decrease your paycheck when it hit the bank. When they make comments about your weight, eating habits, or anything fitness it won’t shed the pounds off. In the same token, them criticizing you for taking care of yourself doesn’t shed the weight off their body. When someone points out what you spend your money on, it doesn’t add money to their bank account. Lastly, their opinions doesn’t pay your bills.

Sure, we want the approval or high-five from the people we love, but even then we can’t depend or wait on their opinion. You define you. What your vision for you life is, no one else sees. MENTAL HEALTH WELLNESS TIP: ONE STEP AT A TIME

If you are trembling in fear, waiting on an approval, or debating what you should based off what someone will say or think, remember this, no matter what you do, everyone is going to have an opinion. You can go discover a cure for cancer, and someone is going to find something negative to say.

Opinions don’t tuck you in at night, they don’t cook your dinner, pay your bills, or work for you. So the the next time you find yourself questioning a decision based off an opinion, redirect course and make the decisions for you.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.