I’ve read many stories and watched many videos on individuals trying to explain their encounters of people questioning if they are really depressed. There are many misconceptions on what depression looks and feel like.

I was reading a comment, forgive me I can’t remember which site, but she caught an Uber ride home. The driver naturally sparked a conversation and asked her about her day. She explained to him she was leaving her appointment with her therapist because she’s battling depression. His response was, ”you don’t look depressed.”

Of course, she felt the need to explain why she doesn’t look depressed. Furthermore, proceeded to briefly explain to him not everyone carry’s their depression on the outside.

That lead me to thinking. There are many people walking around dealing with depression and life and we have no clue. Depression isn’t always ugly, sleeping all day, crying, not eating, and withdrawn.

Depression Can Also Look Like:

The car pool mom that’s always smiling wishing the kids a great day and cheering them on, on the way to school.

That single mother working two jobs, making it look easy, and doing it with hair, nails, and makeup done.

That office worker who make sure the company doesn’t miss a beat. The go to person in the office that make sure everyone is ok.

That coach or teacher coming to school everyday giving all they have to ensure our kids has the best education and chance possible.

That waiter or waitress who is always smiling and looks happy to be at work serving your favorite dish.

The bus driver greeting you on the bus every morning, afternoon, or evening.

The kid that is the star athlete at their school.

The kid who has a 4.0 and makes it look effortless.

That stay at home mom that everyone wish they can have the life of.

And a million others out there, doing an amazing job hiding their depression.

The point is, just because someone isn’t crying, doesn’t mean they aren’t having dark thoughts and emotions. Usually, it’s the person we least expect. It’s important now more than ever to check up on your loved one’s, coworkers, and friends. WELLNESS: EVEN THE STRONGEST NEEDS A BREAK Unfortunately, what depression look like isn’t always the same.

To be clear, there are many forms of depression. If you or anyone you know are having dark feelings or thoughts and need to talk to someone please seek professional help. You are worth it. You are special and you matter.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be fee.


This mental health reminder is a tip for me and you. Opinions don’t define you. Someone’s opinion of you, what you are doing, and how you be doesn’t increase or decrease your value . Remember opinions, mostly negative, is a reflection of how they view themselves.

So often we get hurt and make decisions based off what another said or think. What did it get you? Absolutely nothing. They only found another thing to criticize you on and make you second guess or question yourself.

Just because someone doesn’t agree with the choices you make doesn’t decrease your paycheck when it hit the bank. When they make comments about your weight, eating habits, or anything fitness it won’t shed the pounds off. In the same token, them criticizing you for taking care of yourself doesn’t shed the weight off their body. When someone points out what you spend your money on, it doesn’t add money to their bank account. Lastly, their opinions doesn’t pay your bills.

Sure, we want the approval or high-five from the people we love, but even then we can’t depend or wait on their opinion. You define you. What your vision for you life is, no one else sees. MENTAL HEALTH WELLNESS TIP: ONE STEP AT A TIME

If you are trembling in fear, waiting on an approval, or debating what you should based off what someone will say or think, remember this, no matter what you do, everyone is going to have an opinion. You can go discover a cure for cancer, and someone is going to find something negative to say.

Opinions don’t tuck you in at night, they don’t cook your dinner, pay your bills, or work for you. So the the next time you find yourself questioning a decision based off an opinion, redirect course and make the decisions for you.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


Whatever “it” is, just let it go. Don’t worry about what they said about you. Let go of what happened at work. Don’t be mad if someone didn’t call you back. Let go of the anger and hurt of not being invited. Just let that stuff go. It’s too heavy, it prevents you from laughing, and focusing on something good.

Just Be You

If you feel wronged, let it go. You can’t change what happen. So often we take things personally, and it literally has nothing to do with us. Remember people project their pain and hurt onto you. They want and need someone else to feel as hurt as they do. Just let it go. The More You Grow…

Let it go and don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying yourself. When we spend time trying to figure out why someone said what they said. Or why they left you out. Did you deserve to be treated so unfairly. You are questioning yourself and trying to figure what you did to make them do what they did. You are internalizing something that has nothing to do with you. That is infectious and grows like a cancer.

Shed the confusion, wondering, and questioning. It’s going to put you in a place of darkness. Once you are in this place of darkness for a while, it will become increasingly hard to get out of.

So, if anything happened this week or today, let it go. Don’t hold on to yesterday’s trash or any other days trash. Get rid of it, before it starts to stink up your mind, spirit, and body. If you still have no answers then you probably won’t get any. And if you do, it most likely, wont make things better. Let it go. Furthermore, it had nothing to do with you. Make a mental note and set some boundaries.


Be you so you can be free.

FEAR Is Holding You Back

F-Finish what you started. Turn that thought into ideas to create a plan. Develop those ideas into a project. Design that project into a business. Whatever “it” is that you started or thought about starting FINISH it. It could be school, moving, weight loss goal, changing your hair color, or anything that was placed upon your heart.

E-Explore the world. When we travel and learn about different cultures it allows us to see life differently. It doesn’t have to be overseas, travel to a city or small town you never been to. What do they eat? Where does the dialect come from? We will have a better understanding of people. Of course right now staying safe and healthy is important.

A-Award yourself regularly. It doesn’t have to be something big. But we know you have a family and other responsibilities to take care of, however you should enjoy the fruits of your labor. Each time you get paid do something for yourself.

R-Release any tension, frustration, or aniety you may have. Find a way to let go of what was, what hurt you, or who made you mad. Holding on to that continues to hurt you not them. LET IT GO!!!!


Be you so you can be free.