I love a good quote. I can spend hours scrolling Pinterest for inspiring quotes to keep me motivated. The best thing I heard this week was, “you owe you first”.

Quote of the Week:

The only person you owe is you. You can’t hire someone to care about you.” Whitney Hedrick.

Please go check out her channel on YouTube. The other day I was watching her and she said that, I nearly fell out of my chair. She was explaining how she came to realize she needed to put herself first. She said I can hire someone to clean my house, pay someone to get my groceries, and even walk my dog. But I can’t hire anyone to care about me.

OMG!!!!! She is absolutely right. In a nut shell, you have no other choice but to take care of yourself and care for you. We heard it all our lives. If you don’t take care of you no one else will. No matter what others say or do, you owe it to yourself first. You can’t pour from an empty cup. KEEP GOING AND PUSH YOURSELF

You owe it to yourself to make yourself a priority. No excuses. There isn’t a such thing as a perfect time. The time is now. Put you first. Invest in you first. And you don’t even owe anyone an explanation.

I heard a coworker say, “I just do it for my kid”. Yes, we all want our kids to have the world. We want them to have everything they want and desire, but not at the expense of you twisting yourself into a pretzel to make it happen. Trust me, I had to learn this. And still have to stop myself sometimes. However, its ok to tell them you’re going to work towards it, save for something, or wait until you are available to do it.

You owe you first. Stop twisting yourself into a pretzel to make sure everyone else is straight. There isn’t anyone in the world who can care for you like you can.

P.S. It is NOT selfish to put yourself first!!!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


Love your self more than anyone else in this world. That is what I told my daughter on the way to school drop off. It sounds so simple but it’s the most essential and hardest thing for most to do.

Right now having teenagers in the home, my goal is to build their confidence and self esteem up constantly and consistently. They are facing mediums that at my age didn’t exist. But the thought of many adults not being able to love themselves now, needs this reminder as well.

Self Love Is the Best Love

Love yourself more than anyone else to give you an opportunity to have sanity. No matter what others may say or do, it just won’t stick. Be so full of yourself, in a humble way of course, that you won’t notice a void in your life. What you want to receive from others give to yourself. HAPPY SUNDAY…FOCUS ON YOURSELF

Loving on yourself means telling yourself good thoughts. Motivating yourself before anyone else does. Believing you can achieve and accomplish those goals and dreams you have. Looking in the mirror and telling that reflection how beautiful you are today. Compliment yourself often. Going out to work telling yourself you are going to be the best in the office. In the process, giving love, sharing love, and making others feel better about themselves. When we can love ourselves so much, we are confident enough to motivate and inspire others to feel the same gratification.

Even when things aren’t rolling smoothly, we still need to love ourselves through it. Everything isn’t going to be rainbows and unicorns, but you still got to say “ I got this.” As stumbling blocks are placed in our path way we should be able to encourage, motivate, and talk ourselves through it. When we love ourselves we attract the right energy and people. You’ve heard that saying, “you are what you attract.” That is in every relationship area of our lives. Remember negative energy feeds.

Now make it a point to spend some time on you and with you. You are number one and put yourself first. The way you love yourself is how others will show up and love on you.

“If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you going to love somebody else. Now can I get a Amen up in here!!!!!!!”-Rupaul

That is one of my favorite quotes, it can be said anymore simple. You are no good to anyone if you aren’t good to yourself.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!


Be you so you can be free.


Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. Focus on yourself this week and moving forward. Protect your heart. Keep your mental and emotional mindset in a positive state. Get your body moving and keep your physical health in good shape.

As we begin to shift into another phase and as we are able to do more, we may face some new challenges ahead. Remain in focus of your personal health. Your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health is the foundation to which you need to make sure is solid. Don’t be so quick to say yes. You have a right to say “no”, to anyone. If what is being asked of you doesn’t serve your personal health, you have a right to say no. Please don’t feel guilty for saying no.

Focus on you for once and do something for yourself. Make some plans to get some things done that you’ve been putting off. We can’t keep saying wait until next time, when I settle down, or when the time is right. Those times are never going to come. Hence, while we keep saying them over and over again. The time is now. Happy Sunday AND LET GO

However, at some point we have to bet on ourselves and take a risk. If we don’t, we will be left dreaming of what could have been. Don’t waste your precision time being afraid of your own power and destiny. You have what it takes. Bet on you.

While you’re focusing on yourself, don’t worry about what others are doing or what they have. That’s how we get off track and lose focus. Just because they achieve their goal or seem to be moving along, doesn’t mean thats going to hold you back. What they do and what they have isn’t your business. On the other hand, what you do and what you have isn’t no one else business.

Focus on you. Do what you have to do to make yourself happy. Happy Sunday!!!! Have a great week.


Be you so you can be free.


As we approach the middle of March, I’m having thoughts of what happened just a year ago. What I’ve learned about myself and my personal growth this year has been obvious, to me. This pandemic has been a blessing in disguise if you seek the positive. Yes, there are some positive things we can pull from this year. I’ve even said to my kids “you know guys at this time last year when ya’ll went on spring break, you never returned.”

At this time last year, we all went through a lot. I’ve said in a previous post the same time we went into quarantine both of our vehicles were totaled due to a severe hail storm. I remember when the storm happened we felt completely deflated and had no idea what we were going to do. My husband and I looked at each other and said “welp, we just going to take it day by day.” Which leads me to five lessons on what I’ve learned this year about myself:

Slow Down

You’ve heard me say it before over this past year, that God sent a clear message he wanted us to slow down, live in the moment, and enjoy the families He gifted us with. Being constantly busy doesn’t mean you’re living. In actuality, especially children, want you home and available. Children want that structure and disciplined home even if they don’t seem like they want it. Just sitting and being with one another is more valuable than anything. Those are the memorable moments that will be talked about years from now. Create moments.

Make Myself A Priority

As a mom and wife I’ve been guilty of putting myself on the back burner to ensure they are taken care of and have everything they need. Along with taking care of myself, I had to get over feeling bad about it. This year I quickly got over that feeling of guilt. Now I make it a point to watch a tv program, get a spa treatment, take care of my hair and nails, and treat myself. Honestly, thats what my husband and kids would want me to do.

Ask For What You Want

Another hard lesson for us all, is to ask for what I want and not be shy about it. Have you ever compromised or blatantly not said what you really wanted? But you see someone else get exactly what they want and then you get upset with them? What I’ve learned this year is to not compromise myself at the expense of someone else. This is very difficult for many of us. When someone asks you what you want, say unapologetically what it is you want or need. They are asking you for a reason and we owe it to ourselves as well as the person asking to be honest

Protect My Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

This year I’ve really been consistent and good at identifying what’s good for my mental health and what triggers me. Protecting my peace and calmness has been a major priority and focus. To do so, I had to not feel bad or worry about hurting others feelings in the process. I am no longer afraid or shy to exit a situation or place to prevent it from raising my blood pressure. Therefore I haven’t been as tense and on edge.

Career and Financial Goals

The last thing that has become clear is my career and financial goals that I’d like to achieve. For the first time this year, I’ve verbally stated aloud what I’d like to do in the near future career wise. Side Note: I will share my career goal when I reach it, I’m a firm believer in not sharing until it has manifested. Financially, I’ve become diligent in educating myself to ensure we are as financially responsible and financially literate as we can be.

There is no doubt that we all had a life lesson this year, some good and some bad. No matter where you may fall, we all can learn something. It’s very important to reflect and see how far you’ve come. Reflecting can provide direction, clarity, and understanding. What has this past year taught you about yourself?


Be you so you can be free.


As a mom of two teenagers I’m constantly trying to figure out ways to encourage, inspire, and motivate them. So I use our morning car ride to drop “mommy gems”. Today’s mommy gem was “you control your own destiny”. Especially for teens it’s important to remind them of the ole saying, “always be a leader, never a follower.” Remember they are teenagers so I have to be quick and to the point. I thought I share todays gem as we all can use it no matter our age.

Today’s Mommy Gem:

“Never let anyone pressure you into doing something you don’t want to. When I say anyone, that goes for teacher, coach, friend, family, and anyone who is in an adult leadership role over you. If it doesn’t feel right in your heart, mind, spirit, or soul then don’t do it. Never let someone else make you feel a certain way because you’re not doing what they think you should. You control your own destiny. God created you the way He wanted you and He has given you what you needed to live the life He set forth. Therefore, no one else can control you unless you allow them. In the same token, no one can take what God has placed in you and for you. An Open Letter To Anyone You are enough

Also when you make your decision to stand in who you are don’t feel bad if you find yourself out there on a limb alone sometimes. No one else can push us better than we push ourselves. That’s when we find our greatest strength. So go have a great day and be great.”

As I was driving I thought someone out there need to hear this, this morning. Go be great today. Be the person God created you to be with no regrets. You control your own destiny in life.


Be you so you can be free.