We are a week into February and some may be feeling a little down on themselves. You made all these new years resolutions and they haven’t turned out exactly how you thought. Don’t give up, reset and keep going. KEEP GOING AND PUSH YOURSELF

I know there are many folks out there who set goals on January 1. Unfortunately, circumstances didn’t allow you to stay on track. For some reason finances got in the way of your goals. One slip up of getting off the diet and now you back to eating whatever you want. The weather prevented you from getting to the gym for a couple of days and now you feel like what’s the point of even going back.

Well all of those may be true. But you have the power to reset, adjust, and recharge. Don’t give up on your goals because life happen. Life is going to happen. You have to make a decision and choice to not let life get in your way. Don’t give up, reset and recharge to give yourself a chance.

Make the money saving goal a little smaller until you can save what you initially set out. Instead of setting a 20lb weight loss goal, reset it to 10lbs until you get back in gear. Ok, so what you ate that burger and fries, make it a point to play in the garden to get your eating habits back on track.

No matter what your resolution goals were, or how far you fell off. You can get back on track. Don’t give up on your goals. You can do this. We all fall off the wagon. That is being human. But what’s even more courageous, is not staying down.

Reset this month. Get your journal out and purge all your thoughts. Purge that guilt of eating fast food. Purge that shame of making excuses for not exercising. You spent the money, it’s not coming back, so free yourself of regret.

Next, go to the grocery store and get what you need to eat this week to stay on your good eating habits. Set your workout clothes out at night. Make a budget for you this week or do a little money challenge. Challenge yourself and do a no spend challenge this week.

Remember you can do it. Whatever that it is. Don’t give up. Reset and recharge.

Be well on your journey.


Be you so you can be free.


After watching a video with Sarah Jakes Roberts talk about remembering her why, I thought I’d answer my own question of remembering why I blog? Remembering why I blog was a great moment of reflection for me. When I began, I knew why in my head but to verbally speak it and make it make sense was different. But that is the beauty in the dreams that God places in us. We know and understand why we do what we do or what we want to do. However, that isn’t for everyone else.

Remembering My Why

First I’ve had this vision or dream for over five years now. To be honest with you all, it was out of pure fear as to why I didn’t start my own blog. I would write for others first as a hobby, then to gain experience, and finally as a form of expression. All the while, I knew deep down I still wasn’t completely satisfied. Alas, after much thought, prayer, and trials I decided to create my own.

Think about your trials and tribulations. That will give you answers and insight of remembering your why.

My first reason as to Why I Blog, was to motivate, encourage, and inspire. As an adult woman, wife, and mother of three I have experienced life and I was the type to hold things in. I never let anyone know I was feeling sad, anxious, depressed, or unfulfilled. Dealing with things on my own and internally was my mojo.

Even the thought of wanting to go back to school or make a career change I kept to myself. I was at a place where the slightest criticism or remark would make me question and sometimes change my mind. The biggest brick on my shoulders was my mommy guilt. Anything that took time away from me being available to my kids, I felt like I couldn’t do.

Remember when one area of your life is out of sync all areas are out of sync. I had this vision of what I wanted my life to be and how I wanted to live. The only options was for me to make it happen. My internal peace and happiness is beneficial to my marriage, kids, family and friends. I knew if I wanted to be that strong individual that everyone depends on then I had to be strong for myself.

I began to make decisions and choices without anyone knowing. Letting another’s opinion about my desires suede me in any way. In contrast, the thought of sparing their feelings was no longer an option. Also, understanding my dreams are mine and no one else has to understand them was essential to my healing process. Trusting and believing in myself was also the number one essential.

Why I Blog

Remembering why I blog is easy for me. I know for a fact there are many women and men who experience the same type of emotions. Putting it into words can be difficult. Expressing your concerns can be difficult. Not getting the support needed or understanding can be a blow to your mental and emotional health. If I can in any way say “hey I’ve been there and if I can escape you can too”. At then end of the day, if I only touch or inspire one person then I have done what God has asked me to do.

Putting yourself out there is very hard and vulnerable. But I do know, I want to grow and be the best version of myself. So that means I have to be vulnerable and embrace uncertainty. When you’re uncomfortable you’re growing. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable as I heard Steve Harvey say. I am someone who embraces changes and loves to take risks. So keeping those thoughts in the front of mind allows me to rely on my faith, capabilities, and desire to know there is someone out there who is depending on me to show a little vulnerability.

Another reason I blog, is for my mental health. Me attempting to motivate and encourage others helps me. So often we suffer in silence because we think we the only one going through something. Not realizing if we had the courage to speak up, we all could be healed. There is truly strength in numbers. In my years, I learned holding things in aren’t good for your emotional wellbeing. Therefore, I need to release it. What better way to release it, get it off my mind and help someone in the process. My number one thing I tell so many is “you are not alone.

In a circle of friends or family, if everyone has their cup full, then there is plenty to drink from. Now, if one or two people only have something in their cup, then dehydration is going to set in. So why not make sure my cup is running over so I can help someone else begin to fill theirs. Notice I said help. We can’t completely take the cup from them. We can assist and we all can fill our cups together.

Lastly, in remembering why I blog, I noticed how happy, energized, and full I felt when I would talk to a coworker, friend, or family member out of sadness. When I would try to build someone up, encourage them to go after their dreams, or tell them they are worthy, I was the most happy myself. I knew that was my WHY. How I felt on the inside was all the confirmation I needed.

Remember your why. Why do you do what you do. When things aren’t seeming to pan out how you thought, don’t give up. Remember why you started. Always staying true to your why, will lead you down a path of fullness.


Be you so you can be free.