After hearing “I don’t know how you do it” from a coworker many times, I thought to myself I just do. Yes, I have 3 kids ages 9-15, I’m a wife, I work outside the home as well as in the home. But, in my mind I don’t see anything I’m doing as different from any other working mom. So I thought I’d give my tips on how I stay sane and somewhat organized.SINGLE MOM SELF CARE TIPS: SIMPLE AND EASY

  1. Take 5. I have no problem giving myself 5 minutes to gather my thoughts. I take 5 minutes in the morning before I leave. Just as I have my purse, lunch bag, and coffee in hand, before I open the door, I stop and just breath for a few moments. Before I get out of the car at work, I give myself a moment of silence. If you’ve been working non stop, give yourself 5 minutes. Step away from everything and everyone. At work, at home, or wherever. Honey, sometimes I go in the bathroom and just sit on the toilet in the dark. I laugh because I can hear my husband and kids looking for me. Do what you have to do to give yourself a mental break.
  2. Tidy Often. Throughout the day I do mini tidy ups around the house. Going around and doing a quick wipe down or taking a trash bag around the house keeps the house from going over board with mess. Also the quick tidy ups gives me a visual cleanse. If I begin to see too much I get into a frenzy. Another hack of mine is, because I wake up at 5a.m., I put in a load of laundry. When I come home, I do another load and before bed I do another. I do this to ensure it doesn’t pile up. With a household of 5, it is very easy to develop a load of laundry.
  3. Make A List. I will either make a mental list or physical list of things I want and need to get done. That could be a grocery list, errands I need to run, or what’s on the upcoming schedule. Making sure I don’t miss appointments, meets, and games I have to write things down. Also use my calendar on my phone to give me reminders. This prevents me from getting into a rush and missing something or being late.
  4. Keep It Simple. When it comes to making decisions or anything I believe in keeping it simple. I like to keep my lifestyle simple since I do manage so many roles. I believe if we’re thinking too much about it then, it isn’t worth it. If we have to debate or spend too much time, then I let it go. I believe in letting God telling me what to do.
  5. Cancel and Say No. I’m am not afraid to say No or cancel if I need to. Don’t over book or put yourself in any situation that will put strain on you. I don’t like to do this, but if it’s absolutely necessary, I will. I hope that my previous steps and lifestyle choices allow me to not do so.

Those are just a couple of tips that I do and use to keep me sane. I’m pretty sure there are many more out there from amazing moms. I hope that one tip can help you. In the end, you control your time, schedule, and day. Make sure not to over exert yourself.


Be you so you can be free.