The one thing I know as I’ve grown is that I can’t skip breakfast. My body tells me, you need to eat. Here are some simple and quick breakfast ideas I alternate to ensure I start my day off right.

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, scientist, or doctor. I simply do what my body tells me to do. Seek professional advice from a professional if you are having any health or diet issues.

  1. 2 Slices of Turkey Bacon and 2 Fried Eggs
    Simply place two pieces of bacon on baking sheet and place in the oven. I usually cook the bacon for about 10-15 minutes to get them a little crispy. While the bacon is cooking in the oven, I fry my eggs. To do so I spray a little non stick spray, crack the eggs in the pan, and sprinkle a little Miss Dash Salt Free Seasoning. Cook on each side for about 3-4 minutes. Usually the bacon and eggs are done around the same time.
    **Sometimes I would add a little shredded cheese on top of the eggs when I’m finish.
  2. 2 Fried Eggs
    Sometimes I don’t want any bacon. So I’ll fry me two eggs and top it with cheese and bacon bits. Either way I’m getting a quick breakfast that’s healthy and filled with protein.
    **When I’m feeling fancy, I’ll spread avocado on top of the eggs. Then add the shredded cheese, bacon bits, and a little pico de gallo.
  3. Bowl of Protein Oatmeal
    I always keep a box of Quaker Protein Cranberry Almond oatmeal handy. One packet is 10g of protein. Depending on preference and time I mix it with hot water or sugar free almond milk. To add flavor I’ll mix in some fruit. Sliced apples, strawberries, or blueberries most of the time. This packet of oatmeal always keeps me full until lunch time.
  4. Breakfast Smoothie.
    If I’m really in a rush, I’ll make me a quick smoothie. Usually a hand full of spinach or 1 cup, blended with mixed frozen fruit, banana, 1 scoop of vanilla protiein powder, and a liquid of my choice. Sometimes I use coconut water or sugar free vanilla almond milk. I take this smoothie with me out the door and literally sip on it for hours at my desk. This keeps me full and at the same time getting in some good vitamins.
    **A great substitue I use for added thickness is an avocado.
  5. Two Good Healthy Snack. HEALTHY SNACK WITH “TWO GOOD”
    Two good yogurt with a drizzle of honey and dried cranberries takes 2 minutes to prepare. You can have a protein filled quick breakfast in less than 5 minutes. Or, of course a full healthy snack with two good. HEALTHY SNACK WITH “TWO GOOD”

The above is just a couple of realistic breakfast ideas that are quick and simple to get your day started. With each option I always have my DIY NON DAIRY ICED COFFEE. I like to keep my breakfast light, protein filled, and quick. Again I’m not a specialist. I only specialize in me.


Be you so you can be free.

DIY…Starbucks Medicine Ball

Ok, I have a guilty pleasure of going to Starbucks. DIY…Starbucks medicine ball is my current recipe to replicate. However, I do know it can be an expensive habit and I get a rush on figuring out ways to make my favorite drink at home. One of my favorite drinks is the Honey Citrus Mint Tea aka the medicine ball.

This is advertised as an high in vitamin c drink that supposed to boost your immune system through the cold and flu season. Does it help with boosting your immune system or get over a cold, that remains to be proven. However, the only thing I do know, is this drink on a brisk fall morning or an evening night cap drink is a must try.

The ingredients are very simple. The recipe for a Grande, which is 16oz, calls for half hot water and half steamed lemonade. So 8oz of hot water to 8oz of steamed lemonade. Then two flavors of tea are Jade Citrus Mint and Peach Tranquility and a packet of honey which measures about 1 teaspoon.

The blend of the citrus and mint along with the honey is very soothing to the throat even if you don’t have a sore throat. Late in the evening before bed, it opens your sinuses while giving you a relaxed calming energy.

The last two weeks I have divulged in tea while creating many recipes of my own with a twist. My at home recipe consists of the following:

DIY…Starbucks Medicine Ball

-1 Cup of the Simply Lemonade (I’ve experimented with regular and light and they both taste amazing.) (
-1 Cup of hot water not boiling
-1 Tea Bag of Peppermint tea
-1 Tea Bag of the Citrus Sunrise
-1 Tea spoon of honey (


Start by placing the one cup of water and one cup of lemonade into a small pot and bring to a steam. Just as soon as it begins to come to a boil take it off.

Next, pour mixture into mug with both tea bags. Let it steep for about 2-3 minutes. Add one teaspoon of honey, stir , and its ready to sip.

Total prep and cook time, 10 minutes.
I have loved and enjoyed my evening with this drink. The most fun though, has been playing around with different mixtures and flavors of tea.

Some others mixtures I’ve tried for the DIY…Starbucks Medicine Ball is:
-Mint Honey and Lemon Ginseng Tea ( – one peppermint and one honey lemon ginseng tea bag each
-Citrus Honey and Lemon Ginseng Tea-one citrus sunrise tea bag and one honey lemon ginseng tea bag
-Double Mint Lemondage tea-2 peppermint tea bags
-Black Citrus ( tea in the morning- one black tea bag and one citrus sunrise tea bag
-Black Mint Awakening tea- one black tea bag and one peppermint tea bag.
All mixtures are made with the same one cup of hot water and one cup of lemonade with the teaspoon of honey.

As you can see I have experimented quite a bit and found some great soothing indulgence for morning, noon, and night. Any of the above mentioned mixtures can be enjoyed anytime of the day.


Be you so you can be free.