Do You Have A Vision For Your Life

When we go on vacation, its planned out from the time we leave til the time we return. It starts off as conversations with spouses, family, and friends of where everyone would like to go. The destination is usually chosen months sometimes even a year in advanced. Next we find a hotel, resort, or house to rent for the stay and book that. Reservations and deposits are put down. Flights are booked. Overtime we begin making payments, saving money, and of course putting in vacation time at work. As the vacation time nears we go on a diet, plan daily outfits, make sure we have those bikinis loaded, mains, pedis, hair done, tanned, and by this time mentally we are already on vacay.

Well guess what, we can plan our life the same way. So often we have dreams, aspirations, goals, and visions for ourselves that seem so far fetched that we think they are unattainable. Whatever you envision for your life you can achieve. Just like that vacation that costs thousands of dollars that you have to plan for in advance, save, make installment payments on, and be persistent while staying patient is the same we can have the life we envision. What do you want, where do you see yourself living, where do you see yourself working, what business you want to start, where do you want to raise your family are visions that we have for ourselves. Some of them are so bright that we put sunglasses on and think they’ll go away when sun goes down, but surprise they’re going to shine right back in our face morning.

Begin planning your life vacation with what you already have. What do I want? Once you figure that and answer it honestly, the road will get more clear with each step you take. Just like you have a picture in mind of what you want your outfit to look like, you have that same picture of your life. Piece by piece put that photo together. As we do when we plan a vacation, we have to prepare for the “what if’s “, life will give us some what if’s. All that means is we have to be prepared for a flight with a stop and layover, then we can keep walking .

Your’re tougher, stronger, wiser, and more courageous than you think!!!


Be you so you can be free.

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